First Alert Weather: Tropical Storm Warning Canceled.

First Alert Weather: Dry days continue on the Suncoast

Expect weather similar to yesterday

Weekend evolving into typical summer weather

Weather pattern will again bring Suncoast rain showers.

Unsettled weather into the weekend

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Transition day for Suncoast weather

Better rain chances this week

First Alert Weather: A sun cloud mix today with lower humidity

First Alert Weather: Warm but dry into the weekend

First Alert Weather: Morning fog lingers along the coast

First Alert Weather: Better rain chance for Florida

First Alert Weather:

A slow increase in moisture will start today in the atmosphere across the state from south to north. Our rain chances will remain small today but increase each day over the next few days, especially inland. By Friday the increase in moisture combined will an approaching front from the north and a possibly developing low pressure are east of the state will combine to increase our rain chance to 50%. There could be breezy and wet conditions this weekend with periods of heavy rain if the low does indeed develop and move from east to west across the state and into the Gulf.

First Alert Weather: Warm and humid this afternoon

It will be another humid day on the Suncoast which will keep the "feels like" temperatures close to 105 degrees this afternoon as air temperatures get near 90. With an afternoon sea breeze it will be likely to see a few afternoon showers build.

A bit of extra energy will produce a few more storms

Most of the day will be at least partly sunny and temperatures will again be warm. Expect the high temperatures to reach into the upper 80's at the beaches and low 90's across the coastal mainland. Well inland the temperatures to reach the mid 90's and heat indexes between 100 and 105.

First Alert Weather: Slow moving afternoon thunderstorms in the forecast

It will be a day very similar to yesterday with mostly sunny skies to start. By mid afternoon we will see building clouds and typical chances for showers and thunderstorms to build. Once the thunderstorms develop their motion will be somewhat erratic as outflow boundaries from dying storms trigger new storms. Our rain chance today will be about 40%.

Typical summer weather to start the new week

First Alert Weather: Less rain than on an average summer day

More showers today and Hurricane Center keeps watch on Gulf waters

A day to dry out on the Suncoast

More rain needed to remove year to date shortage

A wet afternoon likely as a tropical wave moves past

Nice weather to start the weekend but changes by next week

Dry air has moved in and cooler temperatures will be felt on the Suncoast this morning and afternoon. Our daytime high will come in about 2 to 4 degrees below average and the humidity will be much lower than what you might expect. This lovely late May weather will last about two days before the humidity begins to return and high temperatures start to rise. It will not take long before highs climb to above normal and top out in the low 90's. Expect that by the end of the weekend.

Drier air trying to work its way into the Suncoast

A few scattered showers on the coast over the next few mornings will slide inland by afternoon. Some dry air lifting up out of the south will make its way to about Fort Myers and reduce rain chances there. Over the weekend some of that dry air will lift north with a chance of making it to the Suncoast. That will limit weekend showers and especially the storms that may form next work week. Expect a high near 90 with rain chances from coast to inland going from 40% to 60%.

Rain chances go up as TD4 fades

Yesterday dry air moved in. This limited the number of storms across the Suncoast but not the intensity of the ones that managed to build.

Rain chances remain high for several days.


Slow chance in the Suncoast weather starts today

High pressure again today will drive Suncoast weather. We may see an isolated inland shower but most of us will remain dry. Over the next few days the high will move into the Atlantic and our winds will become increasingly southeast. Low level moisture will increase and the strength of the high will lessen. All in all the end of the week atmosphere will have a greater ability to produce rain. Temperatures will lower a degree or two in response to the showers.

Turn up the heat on the Suncoast.

Smoke from the North Port fire will mix away well in the afternoons but a lingering smoke smell and the possibility for smoke enhanced fog in the morning will be with us for a few days. Smoke will generally be pushed south. Winds will be light and a bit variable today and may become breezy for a brief period in the afternoon as the sea breeze moves inland. The rain chance will be small, close to 10% for just an isolated shower.

The Florida summer rain machine set to switch on this weekend

Another mostly dry day on the Suncoast today as dry mid level air remains in place. Moisture aloft is an ingredient that has been missing over the last few days and is what has keeps our summer rains at a minimum. Over the next few days we will moisten the atmosphere as the center of the high pressure area that has been over us begins to sink south. In addition, a trough of low pressure (read wet weather) will sink south and stick in north central Florida. This will boost Sunday rain chances from todays 20% to 30% to about 60%. The rain chances will remain high into the next work week. Highs today will be in the low 90's but with the extra rains next week we will see the highs drop a few degrees.

First Alert Weather: Warm and sunny with active tropics

Hurricane Jose off the Atlantic coast and a western high pressure ridge are acting together to bring us a north wind flow and dry air. The dry air shuts off the rain machine over Florida and allows high temperatures to reach into the low 90's. Winds will be strong so there will be very little seabreeze. Expect better rain chances later in the week.

Fine Memorial Day weather

Thank you, Veterans for your service.

First Alert Weather: Isolated showers near the coast with most activity inland this afternoon

With a west wind pattern similar to yesterday we can expect a shower or two near the coast between 10am and 2pm with the best chance for showers in the late afternoon inland. The inland showers will continue to drift east toward the center of the state. We still have some slightly drier air aloft so the number of storms we get will be fewer in number than we might expect at this time of year. Rain chance is 30% with a high of 91.

First Alert Weather: Slightly lower humidity today

A slight shift in wind direction will aid in slightly drier air moving in, making the afternoon feel more comfortable. Friday a cool front will wash away over Florida as it moves south. It will not bring any cooler air but it will cause more dry air to move into the Suncoast. So over the next 5 to 6 days we will see temperatures hold fast but the humidity fall. Expect highs in the low to mid 80's with rain free skies.

First Alert Weather: Sunny and warm with cooler air on the way

Dry air aloft and a large area of high pressure will bring mostly sunny skies to the Suncoast today. Don't expect rain today as only very isolated sprinkles will be possible in inland locations. It will be warmer than average today with highs in the upper 80's. Winds will surge again in the late afternoon and become brisk around sunset. Moisture will return to the Suncoast this weekend and showers will be in the forecast for the start of next week.


A Hurricane Watch has been issued for the south coast of Florida from Bonita Beach to Jupiter Inlet. The 11 AM track from the National Hurricane Center remains basically unchanged in the long term but has reduced the winds recorded to 180mph. Irma's eyewall should remain off shore of Hispaniola today. Hispaniola has some very large mountains in excess of 10,000 feet and it is possible that some disruption to Irma's circulation could occur. However, with little shearing winds and warm water ahead of Irma, the storm is still forecast to be a major hurricane as it approaches the United Stated this weekend.

Cindy makes Landfall and the Suncoast gets typical summer weather.

Tropical Storm Cindy has made landfall near the Texas - Louisiana border and begins it's journey through the deep south where it will rapidly decay. However, it still has the potential to produce heavy rain well north of Florida. For the Suncoast it will be a rather typical summer like day with little impact from Cindy.

Dry air moves in and Suncoast sees less rain

Dry air from the Atlantic has moved in to the Suncoast atmosphere. This will reduce but not eliminate afternoon showers and thunderstorms. We can put the rain chance at 20% which is very low for this time of year. The moisture will return as early as tomorrow and start to increase rain chances to more normal values by the weekend. The southeast wind will continue today and the weekend as well. That wind pattern should keep the sea breeze close to the coast and keep what showers we have in the afternoon close to the coast.

Afternoon storms expected this afternoon.

A steady east wind will keep the sea breeze close to the coast today and act as a focus for developing showers and thunderstorms late in the afternoon. Because the sea breeze will not move far inland our temperatures over much of the Suncoast will not feel the cooling benefits of that breeze. So expect another warm one with highs in the low 90's. Inland counties will see temperatures in the mid 90's.

On our way to another high temperature record today

After yesterdays remarkable 100 degree temperature, we are on the way to breaking another record today. High pressure will drift eastward and weaken its grip on Florida. This will allow a stronger sea breeze but still keep us in the sun for most of the day. Additional moisture will surge into the area and the combination of all ingredients will bump up the rain chances today after we reach a daytime high in the mid 90's. Todays standing record is 95 degrees and we could tie or exceed that by mid afternoon.

First Alert Weather: Changing weather pattern for the Suncoast.

Fewer thunderstorms today but still a 30% rain chance under mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies. Tomorrow we have dry air moving in and a mostly dry day in the cards. But that does not last. By Sunday the moisture returns and rain chances go way up. We will establish an east wind by that time and it will take inland storms and move them closer to the coast. This will impact viewing conditions for the eclipse on Monday at 2:51 pm. We will also be monitoring the progression of an Atlantic tropical wave that easily could be the next named storm today or tomorrow. It will be called Irma.

We return to typical summer weather

Over the weekend the typical summer winds became reestablished. With high pressure located to the north and over Atlantic waters our winds come out of the east. Plenty of sunshine will start off our days and rapidly boost temperatures into the low 90's by afternoon. In response, a sea breeze will form and showers and thunderstorms will grow. Those afternoon inland storms will then drift back toward the Gulf as daytime heating ends. This will bring coastal communities a chance for late afternoon and early evening rains. Overall, the rain chance will be about 40%.

Rains return today

A combination of an upper air disturbance, a surface disturbance, a flow of moist Gulf air and warm afternoon temperatures will bring the Suncoast good chances for rain today. Thunderstorms are also a good bet and some of the downpours could be heavy. Expect a high temperature near 90 but feeling more like 100 when you factor in the humidity.

Dry air will limit the number of storms on the Suncoast

Although we will remain in the southwest wind flow that brought us our weekend rain, some dry air has filtered in aloft. The slightly drier air will limit the number of storms that form in the Gulf and then move onshore. This will reduce the rain chance a bit for the first half of the work week. Expect a bit more sunshine as well. All that means about a 40% rain chance today and high temperatures warmer than yesterday. Expect upper 80's. Cloud cover will range from cloudy to partly cloudy with more sun in the second half of the day. "Feels like" temperatures will be  near 100.

East moving storm pattern lingers on the Suncoast

High pressure is dominate from the deep south to the southern tip of Florida. There is a week trough along the north Gulf coast which is a focus of showers today. Our weather driven by light winds letting the sea breeze form early. This will bring a coastal shower or two from late morning to early afternoon then the activity moves inland. The high temperatures will be near 90 and rain chance near 50%.

Drier air brings less weekend rain

We start the day with sunshine and plenty of humidity. Winds will be light out of the east and increase to breezy in the afternoon. Clouds will build early in the afternoon in the inland areas and a few thunderstorms will grow. Our rain chance will be about 40% with storms inland drifting to the coast. Showers and thunderstorms will begin to die down before sunset and leave the evening and early night pleasant. Highs will be warm again and widespread low 90's will be seen.

Frist Alert Weather: Dry air limits rainfall

Dry air has moved into the atmosphere and will limit the number of showers we see today. With a lack of rain showers the daytime high temperature will be warmer today and top out in the low 90's. Yesterday we hit 89.

Chance for heavy rain and possible severe weather this week

A warm and humid afternoon on the Suncoast to start the work week as our winds turn southwest.

First Alert Weather: A few showers and then a mostly dry weekend.

Moisture still deep enough to support a few scattered to isolated showers or thunderstorms today. Total amounts of rainfall will be less than .5 inches widespread. Aggravation of river flooding is not expected.

First Alert Weather: Scattered Showers Today

High pressure remains the driver in the forecast for the Suncoast. Mid level moisture is returning and some low topped showers will be possible today. Total rainfall amounts will not be that high. Expect a high in the upper 80's with a chance for showers or an afternoon thunderstorm.

First Alert Weather: Isolated showers near the coast then inland storms

High pressure builds in the Gulf waters and a west wind develops today. This will encourage a few showers near the coast in the early part of the afternoon then the showers move into inland locations and drift to the east coast. Some of the inland showers could be stronger and produce some heavy rains. But because the storms will be moving to the east the total amount rain in any one area will be manageable.

Dry air moves in as Emily departs Florida

As Emily pulls away from Florida and into the open waters of the Atlantic some dry air is wrapping around the storm and is pulled into our area. This dry air will limit our rain chances today and bring back the sun. Temperatures will respond accordingly and climb into the low 90's. Winds will shift this afternoon and return moisture for tomorrow when rain chances go back up. Todays rain chance is 30% and tomorrows chance is 60%.

Changes on the way for Suncoast weather pattern

A shift in the pattern of our weather will occur by the weekend and return us to typical summer afternoon thunderstorms. Over the past few weeks we have seen a kind of reverse weather pattern with early showers drifting in from Gulf waters and moving toward the other coast. Today and tomorrow will be transition days with drier air filtering in and rain chances reduced.

Expect the three H's

Hot, hazy and humid will characterize the forecast today. With high pressure sitting over us and dry air aloft, expect conditions similar to yesterday. High temperatures will top out in the low 90's west of the interstate and mid 90's inland. But factor in the humidity and it will feel like 100 to 105. Yesterday there were heat indexes inland of 106. For at least a few more days the forecast will be similar and not until the end of the weekend will be see rain chances bump back to average or above.

Less than average rain chance this 4th

Less than average rain chances this 4th of July thanks to a ridge of high pressure sitting basically right over top of the Suncoast. We may see an isolated shower or two near the coast in the late morning or early afternoon, but the showers should focus inland later in the day. As the sea breeze ends tonight the showers will slowly drift west as they die out. By the time of the fireworks tonight most locations will be dry. There will only be a chance for an isolated shower.

Dry air moves in as sunshine returns to the Suncoast

Rain showers come to an end early as winds shift to the northwest. The shift in winds comes as a cold front sinks south of the Suncoast this morning. Dry air will move in and afternoon humidity will be noticeably more comfortable for a day or two before a slow increase in dew point will be felt.

A bit more sunshine but storms will follow

The air continues to remain high in moisture and rain showers will again develop this afternoon. Some of the storms will produce heavy rain. The storms will start late in the day near the interstate and slowly move toward Gulf waters. The rain chance will be 60%. High temperatures will be near normal and close to 90.

Warm, muggy and wet to start the work week

Lots of clouds will keep the temperatures down a few degrees today but high humidity will make it feel very close in the afternoon. Deep moisture fills the air aloft and at the surface and the chance for showers is high. Because of the high moisture content the showers and thunderstorms that build will be capable of producing heavy rain. Totals exceeding one inch will be common in the heavier rains. The storms will start late in the day as heating will be delayed by the clouds. This pattern will be with us for several day.

Rain chances go up as tropical moisture lifts north.

On this first day of hurricane season we are watching a mass of tropical moisture lift north out of the tropical southern Gulf waters.

Suncoast weather pattern about to change

A wind pattern that has favored inland showers is about to change. Over the next day or two we will see a stalled front over north Florida wash away and high pressure build in. As the high builds the winds become stronger out of the southeast. That will be important in the direction of motion of our afternoon thunderstorms. With a southeast wind the storms will build inland and drift back to the coast. Recently, the coast has not seen much afternoon thunderstorm activity.

First Alert Weather: Cooler air will get even cooler

A surge of wind today will continue to bring in cooler and drier air to the Suncoast. The cooler air over the warmer Gulf will kick up a few clouds and it is possible, with variation in wind direction, that a few clouds will move into an otherwise blue sky. However, we stay rain free today with lower dew points making it feel refreshing after our spell of above average temperatures. Expect a high in the mid 70's today.

First Alert Weather: A cold front stalls over the Suncoast

A cold front is going to stall over the Suncoast today before ever bring us the cool crisp air that north Florida will enjoy. The major impact of the front on the Suncoast will be elevated wind speeds, a few days of extra cloud cover and a few days of moderate rain chances.  By Thursday the front will wash out and high pressure behind it will expand. This will bring down some slightly drier air and remove the rain chance for Thursday and Friday. Winds will be elevated this week and by Saturday Atlantic moisture will be transported to the Suncoast by the brisk winds. This will bump up rain chance for the weekend.

First Alert Weather: Cold front on the way

Clouds and a breezy wind out of the southeast with showers and isolated thunderstorms, especially this afternoon, will move over the Suncoast today. The changing weather is in advance of a cold front that will move past tomorrow with a wind shift and cooler weather. Expect a high temperature in the low to mid 80's today. By the second half of tomorrow skies will begin to clear and winds will shift to the northwest. With the wind shift we will see cooler air arrive.

First Alert Weather: Better weekend rain chances

The dry and warm weather pattern that has been with us over the last few weeks is about to come to an end. Today we continue our slow transition into an atmosphere that is increasingly moist. The moisture is one ingredient in the changing weather pattern which will include an approaching cool front that my stall out over central Florida and a disturbance lifting out of the Caribbean and moving to the east Florida coast.

Warm up starts today

After a cold start to our work week, with "feels like" temperatures in the 30's, we will get to enjoy a warm up that takes us into the weekend. Even today our morning low 40's and upper 30's will climb into the upper 60's this afternoon with lot of sunshine.

Calmer weather for Monday

After a wild weather day yesterday we can expect quieter weather today. Brisk winds will be our largest issue today with angry waves and surf. However, the chance for any flooding issues along the keys today will be reduced due to several factors. Our first high tide of the day will be a minor high tide between 11:00am and 12pm will run much lower than yesterdays. The highest of our tides will occur tonight and by that time our winds will shift to the northwest.

Warm weather continues before weekend rains

The area of high pressure that has kept us on the warm side will hold fast into the weekend. The high will block any larger storm systems from approaching us till Sunday. We can expect sunshine and fair weather clouds with highs near 80 today and generally light winds as the high becomes more squarely centered over Florida.

Warm weather continues for the Suncoast as drought index rises.

High pressure again provides us with fair weather and a blocking effect against storms to our north. Sunshine to start the day followed by fair weather clouds in the afternoon will be the rule into next week. In fact, its hard to see any significant cooling until possibly late next week. Highs will be in the upper 70's to low 80's into the next work week. That will be 5 to 10 degrees above the long term average with only minor day to day variances. Rain chances will be minimal and focused primarily on well inland locations. Any rain that might occur inland will be brief and light and transported from the east coast.

Storms possible this afternoon

Patchy early morning fog quickly gives way to partly cloudy skies today. An approaching cold front will bring increasing afternoon cloud cover and a line of thunderstorms and showers will move into the area by late afternoon or early evening. The Storm Prediction Center puts the Suncoast in a risk of severe weather.

Low humidity and mild temperatures are weekend weather features

A dry and cool wind will stay with us today bringing sunshine and rainless skies. High temperatures will be closer to the average for today but still on the warm side. Expect mid low to mid 70's in coastal regions and mid to upper 70's inland.

One more rain chance before sunny skies for the Suncoast

Last nights thunderstorms are gone now but we still get one more chance for a rain tomorrow. Winds today become southwest and humidity will be high until the front moves past tomorrow. Highs will still be warm today with a sun and cloud mix. Expect an afternoon temperature near 78.

Very warm afternoons for several days on the Suncoast

Warm temperatures and higher humidity will be the most notable characteristic of the weather over the next few days. As a high pressure ridge builds into the Atlantic our winds will shift to the south today. That will bring an increase in moisture which will ride on the southerly winds and warm afternoon temperatures. High temperatures at this time of year run 74 degrees but our highs today will be about 8 to 9 degrees above the average.

Sunshine and warm temperatures in the weekend forecast

Its looking like a nice weekend as high pressure builds in across the area. The morning cloud cover and patchy fog was caught under a night time inversion an now sunshine will rule the day. Temperatures will respond to the heating of the sun and, despite a north wind flow, we will get very close to the 80 degree mark. That well above average.

Another front approaches the Suncoast

The low that brought some Suncoast neighborhoods two inches of rain moves away today. With it goes our rain chances as high pressure builds in. The high will bring drier air our way both at the surface and aloft. That ensures more sunshine coming our way. Temperatures will stay warm for a few days with highs near 80.

The Suncoast dries out and sunshine returns

A lumbering area of low pressure continues to push east with a rap around flow that brings a slight chance for sprinkles in the morning. Due to yesterdays rains increasing surface moisture, there is also a chance for patchy am fog.

Sunshine and mild temperatures locked into Suncoast weather

After the last bit of patchy morning fog lifts by mid morning, the Suncoast will enjoy sunny skies and low humidity. High pressure will again be the driver of our weather. Light winds and low humidity will make the afternoon very comfortable as highs climb into the low 70's after brisk morning lows in the 40's.

Dry and sunny today as we wait for a rain Friday

Today will be very similar to yesterday with highs running slightly above average and dry conditions across the Suncoast. The only difference is the slight increase in moisture that may lead to some patchy fog and higher afternoon humidity. Still, dew points will be low enough that our air will be comfortable. With relatively cool water temperatures in the low 70's, the afternoon sea breeze will keep the coast cooler. Highs near the coast will be near 80 and inland in the mid to upper 80's.

Another great weather day as we wait for our chance of rain

Dry air aloft again assures sunshine and rain free skies today. Yesterday we hit a high in the upper 70's and we will do the same today. Over the next few mornings we will see a slow and steady increase in moisture as we wait for a front to approach on Thursday.

Winds will whip as dry air moves in


Warm up for the Suncoast as area stays dry

High pressure will remain the controlling feature of our weather on the maps today. In fact the high pressure ridge (read hot, dry weather) will dominate all work week. The position of the high, which is to our west, will keep the afternoon winds onshore. This will help keep the coastal temperatures in the mid 80's. In land, where the effect of cooling Gulf winds will be less, the temperatures will climb to near 90.

Morning weather update

Temperatures running a bit warmer today with a high in the upper 80's expected. We could get close to tying or exceeding our record for the day. With that much heat and humidity it is possible to see an isolated shower in inland locations. The sea breeze will be weak today in a gust south wind environment.