Rain on the Way! Good Morning Suncoast Weather Sunday Morning

A few isolated thunderstorms are possible by late Sunday afternoon, but the more widespread rain develops by Monday morning, then continues off and on all the way to Wednesday morning

  Good Morning Suncoast Weather Saturday Morning

  Dry Saturday, wet by Monday!

  Heavy rain begins after weekend is over

  Tracking our next rain - But not for today.

  Stormy weather pattern begins late Sunday

  Not as hot, still dry (for now!)

Continued Coverage

  Frontal boundary brings slight risk of showers

  Warm and dry Wednesday (but a change is coming!)

  A slight risk for rain later this week

  First Alert Weather: Dry and sunny for several days before rain chances return

  A couple of dry days ahead

  First Alert Weather: A frontal passage today brings dry skies to the Suncoast

  Severe storms are over for the night

After a stormy weekend, we dry out and warm up into the new week.

Strong to severe storms possible again today

Look for another round of storms to roll through later this morning through the early afternoon as another disturbance in the Gulf sends some big energy our way. Similar to Saturday’s line of storms one or two of them could turn severe with winds up to 60 mph along with some dangerous lightning.

First Alert Weather Day on Sunday

First Alert Weather Day for Sunday as we will be tracking another round of strong storms.

Tracking storms headed to the Suncoast

Tracking strong storms that could bring gusty winds and heavy rains to the Suncoast

First Alert Weather: Today will be the calm before the storms

  Strong to severe storms possible Sunday

  First Alert Weather: A cold front will bring weather changes including possible strong storms

Some wet weather for the weekend

  First Alert Weather: Sunny and mild today but skies will darken this weekend

  Storm system to bring changes this weekend

  First Alert Weather: Temperatures and humidity will slowly rise over the next few days

Dew points, the true measure of water vapor in the atmosphere, are slowly rising but still remain comfortable. However, by Friday or Saturday, most will notice the humidity rise as afternoons become sticky

  Some rain possible for latter half of weekend

Spectacular weather will stick around through Thursday with temperatures right where they should be for this time of year. There are some changes heading our way for the weekend however.

  First Alert Weather: Highs in the 80′s with low humidity for the next few days

The Suncoast will get several more days of low humidity and near seasonable temperatures. Our dew points are still in the 50′s, giving relative humidity that is dry enough that most everyone will find it comfortable

  Beautiful spring weather continues

Just delightful spring weather to persist through the work week with highs near seasonable averages with highs in the upper 70′s near the coast and low 80s a mile or two inland from the Sarasota Bay.

  First Alert Weather: Sunny and dry this week with only one slight rain chance

Surface high pressure continues to dominate our weather maps this week with a sunny and mild weather forecast. Sometimes April can be hot and muggy

  A week of warmer weather

Heading into a new week of warmer weather and abundant sunshine along with it.

  Good Morning Suncoast Weather Sunday - Warmer!

Our dry Suncoast weather pattern continues through most of the week.

  Warmer and Warmer

Cool High Pressure has kept the southeastern states with below average temps, but as that High moves east we head back to low 80s

  Pleasant and mild for Easter weekend

Temperatures slowly warming up as we head towards next week.

  Cool Mornings - Good Morning Suncoast Weekends Saturday Weather

A cool High Pressure is centered over Georgia and South Carolina to start Easter weekend. But as that High gradually moves east through the week, warmer air returns. It's also a dry week, but we are tracking a cold front that could bring a few showers next Saturday, along with the warmer air.

  Cool start, Warm end!

A cool High Pressure is centered over Georgia and South Carolina to start Easter weekend.

  Keeping it cool for Easter Weekend

A bit cool and breezy as we head into the weekend.

  First Alert Weather: Several cool days and nights before warming up

A very cool start to the morning with about a 20-degree drop in the temperature. Many reports of temperatures in the upper and mid 40′s inland and upper 40′s near the coast. These values are 10 degrees below the average

  A cooldown for the Suncoast

A cooldown is on the way as a cold front cleared the region.

  First Alert Weather: Front arrives with several hazards

A cold front will arrive on the doorstep today and the exchange of warm air for cold air will kick up winds and all Suncoast marine activities will be impacted. By later this afternoon the wind speeds could exceed 20 to 25 mph sustained

  Goodbye heat, Hello cold wind!

Temperatures could fall into the lower 70s by afternoon.

  First Alert Weather: Strong cold front will bring big weather changes to the Suncoast

Today is the last warm and humid day this week. HIghs will be in the mid 80′s in coastal communities and near 90 inland. The day will be humid but dry, with the exception of inland Hardee and DeSoto where showers and thunderstorms may develop late in the afternoon.

  One more warm day, then windy and cooler!

We’re tracking a cold front that will move across the Suncoast by Thursday morning, but many of us will see little to nothing for moisture

  First Alert Weather: Two warm days before the big cool down

Yesterday’s cool front retreats as a warm front moves in. The Suncoast is kept in the warm and muggy air. Afternoon temperatures will climb to the mid-80s near the coastal communities with low 90s possible in inland communities

  First Alert Weather: Mostly cloudy skies today but we still lack our needed rainfall

A cold front will sink south, lose energy, and stall. I will not trigger off a rain chance for us but will keep us in the clouds. The clouds will cut down on daytime heating and keep our high temperatures a few degrees below recent highs

  Suncoast is staying quite toasty

Keeping temperatures warm and toasty into the new week.

  Good Morning Suncoast Weather Sunday Morning

We're tracking a front that will get stuck in northern Florida to start the week. That means a few more days of warm temperatures to end March. The front will finally drop to the south of us Thursday. Behind that front, much cooler air returns to end the week, cool enough that you may want a jacket!

  Four More Warm Days!

Our weather is dry along the Suncoast, again. Severe storms are most likely from Georgia northward.

  A warm weekend along the Suncoast

Staying warm for overnight Saturday with lows in the upper 60's.

  Good Morning Suncoast Weather Saturday Morning

It's a hot weekend, especially Saturday as we head to the high 80s, even some 90s inland. With high humidity, too.

  The Heat Goes On!

The record high in Sarasota is 90° from 1994, and we'll likely miss that by just a few degrees.

  Record heat for inland areas this weekend

The record heat will continue for areas mainly east of I-75 this weekend with high temperatures there in the low 90′s but look for low 80′s near the coast as water temperatures will moderate the heat there.

  First Alert Forecast: Record breaking heat building in Central Florida

Yesterday high-temperature records were broken in Fort Myers and Lakeland and today other Florida records will be in jeopardy. The warm weather will continue into the weekend with inland temperatures cracking the 90 mark

  Record breaking temperatures possible

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - With a steady south wind temperatures soared into the low 90′s today east of I-75 and it was a little cooler near the coast due to the Gulf water temperatures in the mid 70′s. Expect m

  First Alert Weather: Fair skies and warm weather will take the Suncoast into the weekend

Winds have shifted south and will increase in speed today. This will continue the process of driving moisture northward into the Suncoast and set up the chance for patchy fog for the next few mornings

  A breezy day for Thursday as a storm system develops

Temperatures are going to climb and so is the humidity over the next several days. It’s going to feel like the low 90′s for some. We are going to see high temperatures running some 8 to 12 degrees above average over the weekend.

  First Alert Weather: Winds shift and temperatures rise as we head to a humid weekend

Skies were a bit clearer overnight and temperatures this morning started off a bit cooler as a result. A bit of patchy fog formed this morning, and with increasing humidity over the next few days, we can expect patchy fog for the next few mornings

  Warming trend continues through weekend

After three days in a row of clouds and cool weather we finally warmed up to the low 70s near the beaches and upper 70s inland on Tuesday. We saw plenty of sunshine throughout the afternoon as high pressure is building back in.

  First Alert Weather: Warming today as sunshine makes it’s return

Clouds will mix away this afternoon and skies will become mostly sunny. This will signal the building of high pressure over the Suncoast and a warming trend that will last for the foreseeable future, with only minor fluctuations

  The sun will come out tomorrow

The chilly blast of cold cloudy weather is slowly coming to an end as high pressure is slowly building from the west over Florida. We will see an area of low pressure off the Carolina coast start to weaken and push to the NE away from Florida taking the clouds and cold with it.

  First Alert Weather: Clearing skies will bring warmer than average temperatures this week

We continue with the cloudy skies to start off the new work week. The clouds will reduce the heating of the day and keep our high temperatures a bit below the average

  A not-so-sunny Suncoast

Warmer conditions will soon return along the coast after we experiences a chilly weekend.

  Good Morning Suncoast Weather Sunday Morning

Our dry weather pattern continues through the week, perhaps to the end of March. We are tracking a weak cold front that could move through the Suncoast by Monday, March 29th

  A cold Spring morning, a dry Spring week

You may want a jacket Sunday morning, and for a few mornings to start the week.

  A cool start to the spring season

A cool weekend with warmer temperatures to return

  Good Morning Suncoast Weekends Saturday Weather

A weak low pressure of the east coast of Florida will bring some clouds along the Suncoast, but showers will stay mainly to the east. By Monday the Low pulls away, we get a little more sun and warmer air returns through next week.

  A cool and dry weekend

A weak low pressure of the east coast of Florida will bring some clouds along the Suncoast

  Chilly start to the weekend

The cold front which dumped heavy rain over parts of the SW Florida is now well to our south and winds have switched around to the north. Much drier and cooler air is funneling down into Sarasota and Manatee Counties

Thunderstorms bring over an inch of rain to parts of the Suncoast

At SRQ Airport, just over an inch was reported, 1.10″

  First Alert Weather: Cooler days ahead

High pressure will build in from the west and a breezy northwest wind will drive in cooler and drier air. The dew points will fall this morning and that will bring about some cooler nighttime temperatures and allow for cooler evening temperatures

  Cooler weather to move in behind front

The cold front which brought some much needed rain to the Suncoast is going to sweep in some cooler and drier air for the weekend.

  First Alert Weather: The Deep South storm system drags a cold front through the Suncoast and brings changes

Multiple watches and warnings for severe weather have been issued for the Deep South, including Atlanta. However, our area remains at very low risk for any severe weather today.

  Strong storm system to sweep cold front through Suncoast

The storm system which is tearing up parts of the Deep South with numerous tornadoes will move to the NE toward the Carolina coast on Thursday. The trailing cold front will push through our area early Thursday evening bringing a line of showers with an isolated thunderstorm or two.

  First Alert Weather: Warm and increasingly humid before a cold front on Thursday night

It will be another warm day on the Suncoast with temperatures this afternoon perhaps a degree or two warmer than yesterday. It will be breezy as well and the sea-breeze may start an hour or two later in the day and not reach as far inland

  Cold front to bring changes

Warm weather will last through Thursday and then things cool down to more seasonable levels on Friday. We will see a few showers and an isolated thunderstorm is possible with this front as it pushes through the area.

  First Alert Weather: Humidity on the rise with a cooler weekend on the way

High pressure over the state will bring stable, warm, and dry weather to the Suncoast for the next few days. Beach lovers will enjoy sunny skies and a sea-breeze in the afternoon to keep temperatures limited to the upper 70′s

  Warm weather through Thursday

The warm weather pattern is set to change late Thursday as a cold front moves in. Until then expect temperatures to be a few degrees above average near the coast and some

  First Alert Weather: The Suncoast gets warm weather to start the new work week

A sprawling area of high pressure builds across the Suncoast for the first half of the workweek, bringing warm temperatures

  Wrapping up a warm and sunny weekend

Mostly sunny into the new week with more 80s. A cool off arrives late week.

  Warm and dry continues on the Suncoast!

We continue to track a cold front for Thursday evening, and a few showers will be possible with that front

  Warm and dry days are numbered

We continue to track a cold front for Thursday evening

  A quiet weekend along the Suncoast

An active pattern of weather out to the west but for us along the Suncoast, we are remaining calm, sunny, and mild.

  Sunny and dry continues - Until Thursday!

We're tracking a cold front on a slow approach.