First Alert Weather: Building high pressure ties temperature records for the Suncoast

Zeta becomes 11th hurricane of the season

  First Alert Weather: Zeta stays west as a cold front brings changes to the Suncoast weather

  First Alert Weather: Sunday, October 25, 2020 - Warm with scattered showers & storms to start the week, but cooler temperatures are on the horizon

A little cooler for Halloween!

  First Alert Weather: Saturday, October 24, 2020 - A chance for isolated showers & storms tomorrow and a tropical depression is churning in the Caribbean Sea

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Rain chances are LOW for the weekend!

  First Alert Weather: Friday, October 23, 2020 - Expect a warm weekend with a chance for scattered showers & storms on Saturday

  First Alert Weather: Dry air slowly filters in and sunshine returns to the Suncoast

  First Alert Weather: Thursday, October 22, 2020 - Peaks of sunshine tomorrow with hit & miss showers

  First Alert Weather: Models hint at cooler air by the end of October

  Hit and miss showers end the work week

  First Alert Weather: Best rain chance of the week is today

Sandwiched between the Bermuda High to our north and a general area of low pressure to the south in the Caribbean, our east wind pattern continues to pump in moisture.

  A few Wednesday showers, drier for the weekend!

A few Wednesday showers, drier for the weekend!

Wet week for the Suncoast

Scattered afternoon showers will be common in the afternoon hours this week.

  First Alert Weather: Rain chances will go up this week

Some of the dry air from over the weekend still limits our Sunocast rain chances today. While it will not be a wash-out by any means, it is possible to see a showers at almost anytime today

  First Alert Weather: Sunday, October 18, 2020 - A warm and breezy start to the workweek with higher rain chances east of I-75

Sunday afternoon showers return!

  First Alert Weather: Saturday, October 17, 2020 - An increase in moisture brings a chance for scattered showers & storms tomorrow

  Beautiful Suncoast Weekend!

  First Alert Weather: Friday, October 16, 2020 - Weak front reinforces dry air on Saturday, but rain chances increase on Sunday

  First Alert Weather: Cold front moves past today and the lull in the tropics might end next week

  Breezy weekend ahead

This is the time of year we normally see cold fronts moving through every couple of weeks but not this crazy year of 2020.A weak cold front will drift through the area late Friday and will not chill us out much. We will see only a slight increase in cloudiness late Friday along with a slight chan

  First Alert Weather: Hopes of cooler air fade as tropics may become active next week

It will be another day with well above average high temperatures and moisture will also increase, making it feel even warmer. If you have been hoping for cooler weekend air, as I have, that hope seems more remote today.

  Tropics heating up again

Well that was fast! We now have 3 areas of concern that the First Alert Weather team is watching right now. All of them have a small chance of developing over the next 5 days, less than 30%. Disturbance 1 or 93L is located near the Lesser Antilles and only has a 10% chance as it moves to the WNW a

Patchy fog possible again tomorrow morning: Here are some different types of fog and how each one forms

Dew points and the air temperature is expected to be in the low 70s and winds will be light, and as a result Radiation Fog or also known as Ground Fog is likely to occur for parts of the Suncoast once again early Thursday morning.

  First Alert Weather: Next weather maker arrives on Friday

The Suncoast will see two more hot and sunny days with increasing humidity before rain chances go up. On Friday a cold front will approach and bring a chance for showers and perhaps a isolated thunderstorm in the afternoon hours. The rain chance will be about 30%.

  Warm but dry weather expected through Thursday

Not much chance for rain through Thursday as some dry air in the mid to upper levels of the atmosphere remain overhead.Temperatures will stay slightly above average through Friday morning and then back down to more seasonable readings by the weekend.

  First Alert Weather: Several dry and sunny days with a cool front arriving Friday

The cool front that reduced our humidity a bit is now to our south and dry air aloft has moved in. Sunshine will be the hallmark of today’s forecast with a zero percent rain chance. We will enjoy slightly lower humidity but still enough moisture remains that, with our cooler morning temperatures, we

  Warm but dry weather for Tuesday

The rain is gone for now and only a slight chance for some showers with the next cold front due to move through on Friday.This front will not chill things out too much but it will be a little cooler over the weekend. Temperatures will be above average through Thursday. The average high is 86 de

  First Alert Weather: A dry warm work week ahead before a cooler weekend

A cold front has moved past our area and triggered a shower or two to our south. Over the Suncoast some drier air aloft has moved in and will sliced our rain chance to less than 10% for today and tomorrow. At the surface the moisture is still high, but lower than we experienced over the weekend.

First Alert Weather: Saturday, October 10, 2020 - Scattered showers & storms on Sunday ahead of a weak front arriving early Monday morning

A southwesterly flow will allow scattered showers and isolated storms to move onshore and push inland throughout the morning and into the afternoon. Showers will become hit & miss during the late afternoon and early evening. Highs will top out in the mid-to-upper 80s.

  Rain chances increase for the weekend

An increase in moisture will bring a better chance for scattered storms over the weekend especially inland areas late in the day.

  First Alert Weather: Delta will make landfall today and drag a cold front through the Suncoast

As major Hurricane Delta closes in on a landfall later this afternoon or evening, we continue to have reduced rain chances on the Suncoast today. The greatest impact on the Suncoast from Delta will be the coastal wave action that will bring a high risk of rip currents for today and the weekend

  Delta set to slam ashore into SW Louisiana

2020 the year that keeps bringing bad news will continue to do that for the people in Lake Charles LA. Electricity has just been restored to 100% of the people who live there on Monday from hurricane Laura 6 weeks ago.

  First Alert Weather: Several dry days due to Hurricane Delta before a series of cold fronts brings changes

Although Hurricane Delta will remain far from the Suncoast it will have impacts on our weather. Similar to Hurricane Laura, which hit the same general location where Delta is forecast to make landfall, wave action propagating outward and across the Gulf will produce an increasing risk of rip current

  Delta to regain major status again in Gulf

Delta has calmed down a bit to a category 1 hurricane with winds of 85 mph but those winds are expected to get back up to 115 mph as early as Friday morning as it moves over some warm deep water in the west central Gulf. Storm surge will be the biggest threat as it makes landfall into the Louisiana

  First Alert Weather: Major Hurricane Delta moves into the Gulf today and the Suncoast weather dries out

Hurricane Delta moves over the Yucatan Peninsula today and emerges into the Gulf waters by evening. As this happens mid and upper wind flow brings in some drier air aloft. This will help limit rain fall today and delay the onset of showers till late in the afternoon or early in the evening

  Staying hot with fewer storms expected

Can you imagine two major hurricanes making landfall in the basically the same area in just under 2 months. That may happen in SW Louisiana later this week.Major hurricane Delta will move into the south central Gulf of Mexico on Wednesday after it passes over the Yucatan and then onto toward

  First Alert Weather: Hurricane Delta forecast to become a major category four storm

A surge of tropical moisture in advance of Hurricane Delta will bring good rainfall chances to the Suncoast today and, most likely, Wednesday. After that, with Delta likely to be a major hurricane in the western Gulf waters, drier air will move in and reduce rain chances

  First Alert Weather: In the next two days we may have a hurricane in the Gulf

Tropical moisture will continue to bring clouds and good rain chances to the Suncoast. Additionally, we have a stalled front draped across Florida that will help lift the warm, moist air. That combination is the recipe for wide spread cloud cover and scattered showers.

  First Alert Weather: Sunday, October 4, 2020 - A warm and muggy start to the workweek and all eyes on a PTC-26 that will move into the Gulf mid-week

For tomorrow, partly sunny skies with a developing ridge of high pressure across the state of Florida, which will allow temperatures to warm back into the upper-80s. Scattered showers and thunderstorms will return during the afternoon and early evening.

  First Alert Weather: Saturday, October 3, 2020 - Numerous showers on Sunday with a warm & muggy start to the workweek

Skies will be cloudy and a warm front will begin to move through the Suncoast bringing numerous showers and isolated storms at any time. Models are suggesting rain totals to range anywhere from 0.10-1.00″ with higher rain totals for areas that see thunderstorms.

  Wet weekend ahead due to tropical storm

With the tropics heating up again it’s a good time to remind everyone “it’s not over till it’s over” as the late great Yogi Berra once said.The official end of this crazy 2020 hurricane season is November 30th so we still have just under 2 months to go before the official end.

  First Alert Weather: Possible heavy Suncoast rain starting Sunday

A complex pattern rising air, increasing moisture, frontal boundaries and tropical systems will bring unsettled and evolving weather changes to the Suncoast

  Tropical moisture to move in over the weekend

A tropical disturbance over the NW Caribbean will stay to our south over the weekend as it moves over the Yucatan and into the SW Gulf of Mexico. This system has a really good chance of becoming the next named storm soon.

  First Alert Weather: Possible rain event with tropical involvement

Its hard to believe, given the beautiful weather I’ve forecast over the next few days, that conditions could rapidly change on Sunday as temperatures rise and skies darken. The confidence in the Sunday through Wednesday forecast are still relatively low as slight variations in intensity and position

  Keeping an eye on the tropics

we are now monitoring two areas for the possibility of developing. Tropical disturbance number 1 is south of Jamaica and is moving to the WNW. This now has a really good chance (70%) of developing into a tropical depression on Saturday and into a possible named storm over the weekend.

  First Alert Weather: Temperatures fall ten degrees as tropics may become active

A weather pattern shift will bring lovely weather for several days to the Suncoast. Morning temperatures started off ten degrees cooler in northern locations and a breezy north wind continues to draw down the lower humidity air.

  Cold front still on track to move through Wednesday

The much advertised cold front is due to arrive overnight and push through most of our area by Sunrise on Wednesday. There will still be some cloudiness in the morning especially in Charlotte and S. Sarasota Counties but we can expect some clearing skies and cooler weather to hang around through Fr

  First Alert Weather: After thunderstorms cooler weather will move in

A cool front will approach the Suncoast today and trigger better chances for showers and thunderstorms in the second half of the day. While severe weather is not expected, thunderstorms with some heavy rain will be possible

  Cold front to bring Fall back to Suncoast

It may be too early to bust out the sweaters from the closet that you tucked away 6 months ago, but temperatures will drop into the low to mid 60s by Thursday morning for some here along the Suncoast.

  First Alert Weather: Hot and humid for several days then a taste of fall weather on the Suncoast

For a few more days the atmosphere over the Suncoast will be steeped in moisture and primed to produce thunderstorms, some of which could produce heavy rains.

  First Alert Weather: Sunday, September 27, 2020 - Numerous showers & storms to start the week with a taste of fall by Wednesday

Skies will be partly sunny with a stray shower possible along the coast tomorrow morning. Showers and thunderstorms will become scattered across the Suncoast during the afternoon and evening. Showers and storms will be slow moving and could produce localized flooding and gusty winds.

  First Alert Weather: Saturday, September 26, 2020 - Numerous showers and storms through Wednesday ahead of an early season cold front bringing a taste of fall by the middle of next week

It will be a quiet start with scattered to numerous showers and thunderstorms developing during the late afternoon and evening. Temperatures will top out around 90 degrees with feels-like temperatures ranging anywhere from 98-101 degrees.

An early season cold front to bring fall-like temperatures to the Suncoast by the middle of next week

An early season cold front is set to move through the Suncoast on Wednesday, which will bring a taste of fall to the area. Highs and lows will run roughly 5-degrees below average beginning on Wednesday, and lasting through next weekend.

  Scattered storms for the weekend

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - The heat is on for the weekend as it will feel like summer once again with highs in the upper 80′s to low 90′s and a heat index nearing 100 each afternoon.

  First Alert Weather: Friday, September 25, 2020 - Scattered showers and isolated storms are possible through the weekend

Mostly sunny with temperatures will top out close to 90 degrees with feels-like temperatures as high as 100 degrees. A stray shower can’t be ruled out along the coast during the morning hours, scattered showers and isolated storms developing along the sea breeze during the afternoon.

  Heat and humidity are back for a while

That didn’t take long. The heat and humidity are back for a few days before the next cold front on Wednesday. We will see mostly sunny skies in the morning on Friday with a little warmer start than we have been seeing lately. Lows on Friday will be in the mid 70′s for most everywhere.

  First Alert Weather: Thursday, September 24, 2020 - Rain chances are back today and will increase to end the workweek

Skies will be mostly sunny with a gradual increase in moisture this afternoon. As a result, scattered showers and isolated storms are possible during the late afternoon and evening. Temperatures will top out in the upper-80s and low-90s.

  Rain chances going up for the weekend

One more morning of this nice early fall weather then the humidity climbs back up to summer levels by the weekend. High pressure will get bumped to our SE and this will switch our winds around to the SE and this change in direction from the east to the southeast will give us a better chance for s

  Nice cool and dry start on Wednesday

At least the sweat factor has gone down unlike the temperatures. The average temperature for Tuesday was just one degree below average. I think because the summer heat was so unbearable this year that the big drop in humidity got everyone in a better mood for a little while anyway.

  Fall begins with falling temperatures and humidity

The autumnal equinox, which translates to “equal night” officially starts at 09:31 a.m. on Tuesday Sept. 22nd. That is when the sun’s direct rays are shining right on the equator and everyone has 12 hours of darkness and naturally 12 hours of light as well.

  First Alert Weather: Sunday, September 20, 2020 - Cooler mornings ahead along with lower rain chances to kick off the upcoming workweek

For tomorrow, skies will be partly cloudy with the chance for an isolated shower or thunderstorm through the afternoon. A backdoor front will move through the area tomorrow evening lowering dew points as a surge of drier air arrives. Temperatures will top out near 90 degrees with breezy NE winds.

  First Alert Weather: Saturday, September 19, 2020 - Breezy with scattered showers and isolated storms tomorrow, but a push of drier air arrives on Monday

Skies will be partly sunny with scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms building across the Suncoast during the afternoon and lasting into the evening hours. Temperatures will top out in the upper 80s and low 90s and winds will be breezy out of the northeast at 10-20 mph with high

  Tropical storm Beta blocked from moving much

For only the second time in 60 years we have run out of names for the Atlantic hurricane season. Today Friday Sept. 18th 3 disturbances were given names in the Atlantic basin.

  First Alert Weather: Friday, September 18. 2020 - Pleasant start to the weekend with scattered showers & storms on Sunday

An onshore flow is apparent and as a result showers and isolated thunderstorms will move in from the Gulf of Mexico at any time today. Temperatures will top out in the upper-80s and low-90s, with feels-like temperatures as high as 105 degrees.

  Wilfred to develop in the SW Gulf on Friday

We are well ahead of the pace of 2005 hurricane season when we saw a record 28 named storms that year. On this date in 2005 we were watching the 16th named storm today we are now watching the 22nd tropical depression of this season.

  First Alert Weather: Thursday, September 17, 2020 - Numerous showers and isolated storms today, but a cold front to bring drier air by next week

A southwesterly flow will continue across the Suncoast which will allow rich Gulf moisture to remain overhead. While, we aren’t expecting a wash-out today, showers and isolated thunderstorms are possible at any time as they stream in from the Gulf of Mexico. Temperatures will top out near 90 degrees

  Another tropical system possible in Gulf ?

As Sally slowly fades over the Southeast U.S. another tropical system may pop up in the western Gulf of Mexico. The chances of that happening have increased dramatically over the past 24 hours.There is a 70% chance for it to develop into the 21st named storm of the season. Long range models are

  First Alert Weather: Sally is bringing hurricane winds to north Florida

As of 5 AM the outer eye wall of category 2 Sally is skirting the north Gulf Coast between Dauphin Island and Pensacola

  More clouds and rain in the forecast as Sally drifts NNE

With Sally slowing down to a snails pace south of Alabama we can expect the clouds to hang around here through Wednesday.We will also see showers and thunderstorms rolling in from the Gulf pinwheeling around Sally as it drifts northward at less than 10 miles an hour.

  First Alert Weather: Sally brings rains and rip currents to the Suncoast

Wave action moving outward from Sally brings another day with rip currents in our area waters. In the video I describe what a rip current is and how it impacts swimmers.

  Greek alphabet a certainty as Vicky forms in the Atlantic

The Suncoast has dodged another bullet as Sally takes aim on the northern Gulf coast states Tuesday.It has been an active year to say the least. So far there has been 20 named storms this season in the Atlantic basin and we are on pace to surpass the record setting year of 2005 when there were 28

  First Alert Weather: Sally pulls in more Monday rain for the Suncoast

The tropical cyclone in our offshore waters, named Sally, has it’s eye set on the northern Gulf coast. Nevertheless, it will impact us with several hazards Monday

  First Alert Weather: Sunday, September 13, 2020 - Feeder bands from Sally to continue into Monday bringing a chance for localized flooding to parts of the Suncoast

It’ll be a cloudy start with widespread showers to kick off the morning commute. Showers and isolated thunderstorms are likely through the afternoon with an additional 1-3 inches rain possible through the evening.

  Sally getting stronger just offshore of Suncoast

Hurricane warnings are now up for parts of the northern Gulf coast from Louisiana to Mississippi as Sally is getting more organized in the Gulf. Sally is now tapping into the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico this morning.

  First Alert Weather: Sally slightly stronger

The latest on tropical storm Sally from the National Hurricane Center shows the storms is slowly getting better organized.

  First Alert Weather: Saturday, September 12, 2020 - Squalls from Sally to move through the Suncoast through Sunday

Tropical Storm Sally will dictate our local weather through tomorrow bringing on and off tropical downpours and gusty winds. Localized flooding and an isolated tornado can’t be ruled out.

Sally expected to strengthen over the Gulf of Mexico and Paulette becomes a Hurricane

Sally expected to strengthen over the Gulf of Mexico and Paulette becomes a Hurricane and Rene will continue to weaken over the next 12 hours.