Most of the storms inland this weekend

  First Alert Weather: Pattern of coastal showers followed by inland storms holds into the weekend

  Better chances for storms this weekend

  First Alert Weather: Good rain chances into the weekend

  Extreme hurricane season predicted

  First Alert Weather: A pattern shift will be shifting the timing of our storms

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  Morning coastal showers again possible

  First Alert Weather: Rain chances will slightly increase today

  Rain chances on the way up

  First Alert Weather: Dry air on the edges of Isaias will reduce today’s rain chances.

  Some morning coastal showers possible Monday

Isaias continues to skirt along east central Florida

  First Alert Weather: Saturday track of Isaias continues to keep the Suncoast free of tropical cyclone impacts

The early Saturday forecast for Hurricane Isaias has shifted east again as the overnight track of the storm itself slows and is more easterly. The Suncoast remains outside the cone and free of direct impact from the storm

  Isaias to impact Florida over the weekend

The forecast over the weekend will be determined how close the center of Isaias will get to Central Florida.

BREAKING: Hurricane Warning For SE Florida

The latest forecast is now calling for a shift to the west. The National Hurricane Center has put all of SE Florida in a hurricane warning.

  Isaias to dry things out a bit for Suncoast

Looks like we are going to miss this storm as it passes near or just offshore of the east coast of Florida.

  First Alert Weather: Tropical Storm Isaias track moves to the east

  Tropical cyclone to move toward Florida

  First Alert Weather: Eyes on the Caribbean as a tropical system may bring a tropical storm to Florida

  Tropical trouble may be headed to Florida

  First Alert Weather: Hot and humid with mostly inland storms today as Tropical Storms Warnings go up in the Caribbean.

  First Alert Weather: Mostly inland storms today and we watch the tropics

  A few coastal storms possible during the morning

Here we go again! With the repositioning of the high pressure now over south central Florida look for very light winds out of the south and then turn more southwest later in the day.

  First Alert Weather: Pattern shift bring hot and humid weather to the Suncoast

Today the Suncoast will transition to the west wind pattern that you may recall we had several week ago. This summer weather pattern favors a coastal shower in the morning or early afternoon

  Shift in wind brings a change in weather

Winds will be shifting out of the south to southwest during much of the day and night. The high pressure ridge is getting bumped down to our south which favors a few coastal storms in the morning with the main thrust of storms in the afternoon and evening pushing east away from the beaches.

  First Alert Weather: Showers likely again tomorrow as we watch the tropics next week

An upper level low moves across Florida tomorrow as winds turn south and moisture increases in the air. This will bring good afternoon and evening rain and thunderstorm chances again tomorrow and Monday

  Summer storm pattern to stay through weekend

The weekend is finally here and is looking good. We will see generally sunny skies to start the day with increasing clouds later in the afternoon as the sea breeze moves inland.

  First Alert Weather: The Suncoast returns to normal weather pattern as new Tropical Storm Hanna pulls away

As newly named Tropical Storm Hanna continues to set it’s eyes on the south coast of Texas, it’s influence on the Suncoast weather fades

  Slightly drier air to move in this weekend

The tropical cyclone heading to Texas will take the deep tropical moisture with it. That will leave the Suncoast in a little drier air over the course of the next few days.Don’t put your umbrella away however, as there will still be enough moisture and a sea breeze to fire off a few scattered ...

  First Alert Weather: Tropical System in Gulf bring wet weather to Florida

A cluster of clouds in the Gulf waters has developed enough structure to be classified as Tropical Depression 8. As of this morning T.D.8 continues to develop strong thunderstorms in a moist and favorable environment.

  Tropical depression #8 forms in Gulf

This is the earliest we have seen the 7th storm develop in the past 150 years. Gonzalo is forecast to move toward the Windward Islands in the E. Caribbean and strengthen to the 1st. hurricane of the season on Thursday.

  First Alert Weather: Higher thunderstorm chance today due to a tropical wave in the Gulf

A tropical wave that we have been tracking has moved into the Gulf, just to the south and west of the Suncoast. It will continue to slowly pull away from the state

  Tropics are heating up

An area of disturbed weather will continue to move west away from Florida on Wednesday. It will be close enough to the Suncoast to bring a risk of a few scattered storms rotating around this low pressure center.

  First Alert Weather: Tropical Wave moving into the Gulf has a chance for development

A tropical wave will move into the Gulf waters today and drift toward the coast of Texas. It will influence our weather for several days by increasing the moisture content of air and bumping up our rain chances to 70%

  Tropical wave to spin more moisture our way

We are starting to see more activity in the Atlantic basin lately. While we are still a couple of weeks away from the start of the busiest 2 months of hurricane season it is not unlikely to see one or two storms pop up near the end of July.

  First Alert Weather: Rain chances spike tomorrow as a Tropical Wave approaches

Today will be very similar to yesterday, with a few afternoon and thunderstorms dotting the coast line during drive-time this afternoon and evening. One or two of the storms could be larger but, dry air will limit number of storms that form today.

  Tropical wave will increase rain chances

Storms have been active along the Suncoast bringing heavy rain, frequent lightning and gusty winds for some while others didn’t get a drop.

  First Alert Weather: Saturday, July 18, 2020 - Another hot day tomorrow with afternoon sea breeze driven showers & thunderstorms

The typical summertime weather pattern will continue and sea breeze collision will likely take place along the west coast and that’s when showers and thunderstorms will quickly develop during the afternoon and early evening. Temperatures will top out in the low-to-mid-90s.

  Summer storm pattern in full swing

The changing winds have brought a big change in our weather as of late. It looks like this pattern will stick with us through the next 7 days.

  First Alert Weather: The pattern shift that brings rain is here

The east wind pattern is now established. This pattern is typical for Florida weather in the summer and helps bring us our rainy season. When the east wind collides with the west coast sea breeze thunderstorms explode.

  Late day storms are back for Suncoast

It’s been a long time that we have seen storms firing up along the sea breeze here along the Suncoast. We did just that on Wednesday afternoon.

  First Alert Weather: Transition day on the Suncoast

Winds this morning were light and variable which signals a change in Suncoast weather. Instead of a west wind, the flow of air is transitioning to an east wind that will establish itself tonight.

  More storms in the forecast as we get closer to weekend

It’s been a wild ride so far this summer with heat advisories and 6 named storms already. We really haven’t seen our typical afternoon and evening storms fire up and move toward the beaches lately but that is about to change.

  First Alert Weather: Suncoast weather pattern change only days away

Like yesterday, less than normal rainfall is expected today. The west wind pattern will remain unchanged with a coastal showers or isolated thunderstorm near the coast between morning and early afternoon

  Big changes to weather pattern begins this week

With a west wind again on Tuesday expect a few scattered morning coastal showers and then a 30% chance for afternoon storms mainly inland.

  First Alert Weather: Big changes on the way for Suncoast weather

For the first half of the week we will see conditions very similar to what we have seen in the past week or more. A west wind pattern will keep us in this familiar pattern.

  First Alert Weather: Sunday, July 12, 2020 - Isolated rain chances through Tuesday

For tomorrow, mostly sunny skies with temperatures topping out in the low 90s. Relatively high dew points will allow feel-like temperatures to range anywhere from 101-105 degrees. Rain chances will be isolated with most of the region staying dry.

  First Alert Weather: Saturday, July 11, 2020 - A lower coverage of showers and storms on Sunday

A weak cold front will dissipate to our north bringing slightly drier air to the northern half of the Suncoast. Skies will be mostly sunny with a 30% chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms through the afternoon. Feel-like temperatures will range anywhere from 104-108 degrees.

  First Alert Weather: Friday, July 10, 2020 - Scattered showers and thunderstorms this weekend and the summertime heat continues

Showers and thunderstorms will become scattered late tomorrow morning and throughout the afternoon. High dew points will allow feel-like temperatures to range anywhere from 101-105°.

  First Alert Weather: Better rain chances for the next few days

An increase in moisture and an upper air disturbance will combine to increase rain chances for the next few days.

  Fay forms off Carolina coast

The 6th named storm of the season has formed off the NC coast moving north away from Florida.

  First Alert Weather: Heat Advisory in effect

High pressure combined with some dry air that moved in will limit the rain chances today. Without the rain you get the heat and today a Heat Advisory is in effect.

  Tropical Storm Fay forms off coast of the Carolinas

The record breaking 2020 hurricane season continues to remain active with an 80% chance for the tropical disturbance over Georgia and S. Carolina to become the 6th. named storm of the year.

  Tropical low possible near Georgia over the weekend

Just over 2 months into the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season and we have had a record breaking 5 named storms already. The fastest that has happened ever.There is an area of concern over central Georgia right now that is drifting east and could eventually become the next tropical system.

  First Alert Weather: Developing low with tropical potential slowly drifts away from the Suncoast

The National Hurricane Center is watching an area of low pressure, now centered over Georgia, which is drifting away from the Suncoast. As it moves away it is allowing an area of high pressure to build over the Suncoast from the south and brings in slightly drier air.

  West winds continue but for how long?

I don’t know about you but I miss the regular summer afternoon pattern. Usually we see storms develop in Central Florida and then they are carried over to our coast late in the afternoon and early evening cooling us down in the evening.

  First Alert Weather: A low pressure area to the north brings good rain chances today

Warm, moist and unstable air is over-top of the Suncoast today. This combines with an area of low pressure across north Florida. With those features in place the chance for showers is good today

  First Alert Weather: Sunday, July 5th, 2020 - Scattered to numerous showers & storms to start the work week

An onshore flow will allow scattered to numerous showers and thunderstorms that develop in the Gulf of Mexico to move onshore and across the Suncoast. It will be a warm and steamy afternoon with temperatures topping out in the low 90s, with feel-like temperatures ranging anywhere from 101-105°.

  First Alert Weather: Saturday, July 4th, 2020 - Multiple rounds of showers and storms will continue to stream in from the Gulf of Mexico

An onshore flow will continue which will allow scattered to numerous showers and thunderstorms that develop in the Gulf of Mexico to move across the Suncoast. Models indicate a few locations seeing up to 1.5 inches through Sunday evening. Afternoon highs will top out in the upper 80s and low 90s.

  First Alert Weather: Friday, July 3, 2020 - Rain chances increase for the holiday weekend

For the 4th of July, scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms are possible as atmospheric moisture begins to gradually increase across the Suncoast. Temperatures will top out in the low 90s, with feel-like temperatures ranging anywhere from 100-104°.

  First Alert AM Weather: Friday, July 3, 2020 - Onshore flow continues bringing early rain chances across the Suncoast

An onshore flow will continue meaning showers and thunderstorms that develop in the Gulf of Mexico will move onshore during the morning and early afternoon hours. Temperatures will top out in the low 90s with feel-like temperatures ranging anywhere from 101-104°.

  Better chance for storms over Holiday weekend

A stationary front draped over N. Florida will keep high pressure down to our south which will keep the west winds over us through Monday.This pattern will keep a chance for an isolated shower or two along the coast around sunrise and then they will move inland during the late morning and early p.m.

  First Alert Weather: Weekend rain chances going up

While today will be similar to the past several days, changes are coming tomorrow and into he weekend. This morning we will see scattered light showers move onshore from the Gulf.

  First Alert Weather: Mostly dry and warm today with a much higher weekend rain chance

We are watching a pattern develop for the weekend that drive spokes of energy into the deep south and impact our weekend. The forecast still has a large amount of uncertainty as the location of the disturbances will be important in our determining our rain chances.

  Storm system could disrupt weekend

Well 2020 has been a strange year to say the least, and so has the summer weather so far here along the Suncoast.We have had westerly winds for the past week and that means high humidity and mainly inland storms through Thursday and possibly through the weekend.

  First Alert Weather: Warm weather continues without many showers

High pressure remains the driver for your weather today. The center of the circulation of the high pressure area is located just to our south and provides us with our west wind.

  The heat continues with small chance for rain

High pressure continues to keep afternoon and evening storms to a minimum. The rain chance through Thursday stands at 20% near the coast and 30% inland. Highs will be close to seasonal averages right around 90 with a heat index each afternoon right around

  First Alert Weather: Hot, muggy and mostly dry for several days

Hot and mostly dry conditions are expected for coastal communities with slightly better rain chances and warmer afternoons for inland residents. The atmosphere across the nation is developing into a slow moving weather pattern

  First Alert Weather: Sunday, June 28, 2020 - Limited coverage of showers and thunderstorms through Wednesday

For tomorrow, there will be scattered clouds with temperatures warming into the low 90s. Oppressive dew points will once again allow feel-like temperatures to range anywhere from 103-107°. A sea breeze will move inland during the afternoon with the possibility for isolated showers and thunderstorms.

  First Alert Weather: Saturday, June 27, 2020 - Hot & humid with isolated rain chances to end the weekend

Skies will be mostly sunny to partly sunny with afternoon highs climbing into the low-to-mid 90s. High dew points will once again allow feel-like temperatures to range anywhere from 103-108°. As a result, heat related illnesses could set in quickly if you are outdoors without properly hydrating.

  A little cooler but still hot this weekend

High pressure positioned over the top of us will slide southward once again on Saturday. Expect another sunny day with temperatures warming into the low to mid 90′s and a heat index in the low 100′s.

  Tornado spotted near I-75 and Clark Rd. Sarasota

Strong storms fired up along the Suncoast bringing some heavy rain, dangerous lightning, small hail and a possible tornado.

  First Alert Weather: The hot weather continues as Saharan Dust may impact air quality

High pressure continues to lift north and the east wind has established itself over the Suncoast. Moisture in the atmosphere is limited aloft but at the surface remain high and will produce dangerous heat indexes again today.

  Heat is on with a little dust thrown in as well

Temperatures will soar once again on Friday into the mid 90′s for most everyone and in the low 90′s near the coast.

  First Alert Weather: It gets even hotter today

We are in a transition time on the Suncoast with the wind pattern changing. Today we will see a light east wind that forms as the high pressure area that was sitting over us begins to lift north.

  Dangerous heat index again Thursday

The highest heat index on Wednesday was 110 in both Wauchula and Arcadia. With little change in the weather pattern we can expect more of this excessive heat to continue through Friday.

  First Alert Weather: Heat Advisory for the Suncoast

A Heat Advisory has been issued for the Suncoast. It is expected that Heat Indexes will reach 106 to 110 between noon and 6pm today, which will increase the risk for heat exhaustion or heat stroke

  Saharan dust to stay to our south and west for now

A large area of high pressure will remain anchored over S. Florida for the next 2 days. This will act as a blocking pattern to the African dust which is making its way through the Caribbean at this time.

  First Alert Weather: Hot and getting hotter

High pressure will be the major driver in today’s forecast. The flow of air is be a generally light west wind that will tend to push the sea-breeze inland and focus showers and thunderstorms in Hardee and DeSoto counties