First Alert Weather: Typical February weather becomes much warmer than normal by weekend

Cool and crisp nights followed by mild and sunny days will become increasingly more humid and warmer as we move into the weekend

  Warming up as we roll toward the weekend

  First Alert Weather: Picture perfect Suncoast weather

  Cold front brings rain overnight

  First Alert Weather: A cold front passes by tonight bringing a week of pleasant weather

  Cold front approaches the Suncoast

  Remaining calm for the end of the weekend

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  Sunday Good Morning Suncoast Weekend Weather

  Warmer afternoons and Monday night showers

  Sunshine returns for Sunday

  A bit of a chill for the overnight

  Good Morning Suncoast Weather Saturday, February 20, 2021

  Cooler and less humid weekend!

  Sunshine returns for the weekend

Look for plenty of sunshine for both Saturday and Sunday as high pressure builds in from the Gulf behind the cold front which brought all the clouds and rain on Friday.

  Showers and storms to move through on Friday

Get your jackets out as winter returns for a short time mainly from Friday night through Saturday morning. The same storm system which brought record cold and snow as far south as S. Texas for over a week is now throwing a front our way on Friday.

  First Alert Weather: Warm and humid today before a Friday cold front

Clouds and a misty horizon will great you on the way to work this morning, however, the sun will move out this afternoon.

  Cold front to bring rain on Friday

More sunshine is expected on Thursday compared to what we experienced on Wednesday. We should see mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies at times throughout the day. Temperatures will be warming up into the upper 70′s near the beaches and low 80′s elsewhere.

  First Alert Weather: Warmer with showers Wednesday

  Cold front to whip through on Friday

  First Alert Weather: The weather roller coaster brings cooler, warmer, drier and wetter days ahead

  Strong to possible severe storms overnight

  First Alert Weather: Overnight storms and temperature changes for the Suncoast

  A pleasant end to Valentine’s Day

  Drying out for evening Valentine’s plans

Showers end for evening plans but now fog sets in.

  Good Morning Suncoast Weekends Sunday Weather

Round #2 will include a few afternoon thunderstorms

  Valentine’s Day rain and thunderstorms

Round #1 of Valentine's Day rain is moving across the Suncoast this morning. Round #2 will include a few afternoon thunderstorms

  First Alert Weather: Strong storms possible on the Suncoast

Late Saturday radar trends show strong storms in the Gulf waters capable of gusty winds and hail approaching the west coast of Florida. At present, the rotation necessary for waterspouts or brief tornados is confined to cells north of Tampa Bay.

  Good Morning Suncoast Weekends Weather Feb. 13th 6:30 AM

A small storm moves overhead across Florida with showers a few thunderstorms

  Won’t you be my Rainy Valentine?

We are the warmest sliver of the USA

  Some unsettled weather for the weekend

The weekend is here and so are the clouds and potential for some storms. An area of low pressure is developing in the central Gulf and will move toward the NE over the weekend. This will bring a good chance for a few storms and a couple of them may be severe.

  First Alert Weather: Changes on the way as storms move in this weekend

For days we have been watching computer models suggesting a wet weekend. Most all of the guidance now points to the period between Saturday afternoon into Sunday afternoon as the likely time for the heaviest rains

  Storm system to bring some rain for weekend

Beautiful beach weather will stick around on Friday at least for a little while and then, wouldn’t you know it, clouds move in over the weekend along with a chance for some rain.

  First Alert Weather: Rain chances going up this weekend with thunderstorms possible

Models are a bit scattered with regards to the timing and location of weekend rains but there is consistency in developing a Gulf low that will up the rain chances.

  Warm weather to stick around a while

Temperatures have been averaging about 8-12 degrees above the normal for this time of year. Highs over the past 3 days have been in the low 80′s. The average high is 73 degrees for mid February. We can expect this warm weather to continue through Saturday but with highs in the upper 70′s to low 8

  First Alert Weather: Fog in the morning and warm afternoons before the weekend rains

A stable weather pattern remains over the Suncoast with morning fog and warm afternoon highs. We have had a Dense Fog Advisory for the last two days and will likely have one again tomorrow morning.

  Restricted visibility on Wednesday as more fog forms

Tis the season for fog here along the Suncoast. Warm moist air moving over the cool waters of the Gulf clear skies, high humidity and light winds will allow for widespread fog once again on Wednesday morning. Visibility will be reduced to less than a 1/4 of a mile in places and you will need some

  First Alert Weather: Warm days and morning fog for several days

Thick morning fog will lift this morning and produce a mid-morning period of low cloudiness for the Suncoast. The low clouds will be rain-free and eventually give way to more mid-day sunshine.

  Foggy forecast for Suncoast

Lots of people were a little foggy in the head this morning after the amazing Buccaneers Super Bowl LV win on Sunday. It will be the fog on the ground Tuesday which will give drivers headaches driving to work during the morning.

  First Alert Weather: Well above average temperatures all week

The cold front that moved past this weekend with rainstorms, has stalled to our south and is reversing direction and returning as a warm front today

  A Super Bowl and Weather Forecast Win

A winning forecast as we head into the new week.

  Perfect Weather For Super Bowl Festivities

Perfect weather for the evening hours.

Storms are weakening

Storms weaken as it moves further inland.

  Strong Storms Likely Early Sunday

Tracking storms overnight.

  Soggy Super Bowl Plans

Tracking some showers as we head into Sunday

  Good Morning Suncoast Saturday Weather at 7 AM

Skies clear out for near perfect Superbowl weather

  Weekend Rain and Fog

As the front approaches the Suncoast Saturday, scattered showers will develop

  Warmer weekend ahead with some storms likely

Warmer weather has finally returned to the Suncoast after the coldest week of 2021 this past week. With warm southerly winds we can expect the warmth to continue over the weekend and beyond. We we will also see some storms move in due to a storm system developing over the southeast U.S. This system

  First Alert Weather: Warmer Friday with weekend showers

A southerly wind on Friday will bump our temperatures back into the 70′s by afternoon, but the morning will remain cool.

Warmer weather for the weekend

Rain can be a big factor to the outcome of a football game being played outdoors. Dropped passes, fumbles, slips by players trying to defend receivers and running backs slipping on the wet field are just a few of the problems that can occur. A developing storm along an old front boundary will bring

  First Alert Weather: Cold but getting warmer

fter a very cold start to the day, plentiful amounts of sunshine and a shift in the wind to the south will bost our afternoon high temperatures into the 70′s by tomorrow.

  Frosty forecast for Suncoast Thursday

Coldest night of the year expected as clear skies and light winds from the north will allow temperatures to drop into the mid to upper 30′s inland and upper 30′s to mid 40′s closer to the coast. This is some 12-18 degrees below average.

  First Alert Weather: Freeze Watch for parts of the Suncoast Wednesday night

Clear skies and light winds with a cold and dry air mass in place is the perfect recipe for freezing temperatures. Tonight, those conditions will be close to being in line for our inland counties

  Cold winter weather continues on Wednesday for Florida

The slow moving Nor’easter will keep a steady NNW wind all day long on Wednesday. This means highs will once again be well below the average of 72 degrees. Winds won’t be as strong as Tuesday but still a breeze of 10-15 mph with gusts up to 20 mph can be expected.

  First Alert Weather: Cold nights, cool days and windy weather till the weekend warmup

We will start the day with gusty winds, temperatures fifteen degrees cooler than yesterday morning and in the low 50′s or upper 40′s, but with the promise of more late morning or afternoon sunshine

  Dangerous Nor’easter brings cold to Florida

The first big snowstorm to roll through the NE U.S. this year is dumping tons of snow from Washington D.C. through Maine over the next 48 hours. Winter storm warnings remain in effect over most of the New England states through Wednesday. This is the same storm which dumped over 6 feet of ......

  First Alert Weather: Windy and cooler today with some chilly nights ahead

Cooler temperatures today as a cold front sinks south and winds become breezy out of the northwest.

  Tracking Storms Heading Into The Suncoast

Cold front races in with storms.

  Showers and Thunderstorms Roll In Tonight

Cold front brings showers and thunderstorms tonight but cooler and windy air to start the week.

  Good Morning Suncoast Weekends, Sunday at 6:30am

We have one more warm beach day before a cold front takes us back to a colder northwest wind to start the work week

  One Last Warm Day!

A cold front takes us back to a colder northwest wind to start the work week.

  Sunday’s Cold Front Brings Changes

Cool air and a chance of thunderstorms are all on the way.

  A Cold Front Shakes Up The Forecast

Conditions remain calm till a cold front moves through Sunday night.

  Good Morning Suncoast Weekends 6:30 AM Weather

Good Morning Suncoast Weekends 6:30 AM Weather

  Beautiful Beach Weekend!

We're tracking a cold front that will move across the Suncoast Sunday night

  Strong cold front Sunday night brings storms

Jackets and coats necessary Saturday morning with lows in the mid to upper 40′s away from the beaches and low 50′s near the coast. We start the day off with mostly sunny skies with a high around 73 degrees. Winds will be out of the NE to start the day and turn more toward the east later in the aft

  First Alert Weather: Another cool night on the way before a Saturday warm up

Friday morning temperatures were in the 40′s wide spread with a few pockets of upper 30′s well inland. The chilly morning weather will repeat Saturday morning as dry air and clear skies will remain in place.

  Winter is back for a little while

The fog got out of here just in time to see full “Wolf” moon rising this evening over Sarasota. The name “wolf” moon comes from the fact that they tend to howl more during this time of year. The skies will stay clear overnight and that will allow the temperatures to fall into the low to mid 40′s b

  First Alert Weather: Cool and dry air moves in today on a gusty wind

Yesterday's cold front will produce today's gusty wind that will cause temperatures to fall for most of the day. The daytime high temperatures that will be recorded in the history books will have occurred just after midnight last night.

  A cool and windy forecast for Thursday

The fog which has been around for the past several days is going away for a while as much colder and drier air moves in on a NNW wind at 20-25 mph.

  First Alert Weather: Last morning for dense fog as cold front approaches tonight

Plentiful moisture, light winds, and a gentle onshore flow allowed for thick dense fog to form area wide this morning. Over the morning the fog will lift and low clouds will start the day

  Dense fog possible again Wednesday

Warm moist air has moved into the Suncoast on southerly winds in advance of a cold front. This along with mainly clear skies and light winds will allow for fog to form across much of our area on Wednesday morning.

  First Alert Weather: Dense fog possible tomorrow morning

The southerly wind continues to bring the Suncoast warm and humid air that will support the formation of fog

  Warm weather through Wednesday

Warm weather will continue through Wednesday as south to southwest winds continue to pump in warm moist air. As it moves over the cooler waters of the Gulf it will again bring the possibility of some sea fog developing. This could become a serious hazard around sunrise with reduced visibility on T

  First Alert Weather: Fog in the mornings before next mid-week cold front

A warm moist flow out of the south continues to bring a good chance for thick morning fog. The fog may be even thicker Tuesday

  Fog Rolls In Overnight

Fog could cause low visibility by early Monday morning.

  Patch Fog Could Develop Tonight

A calm night ahead with some patchy fog in areas

  Good Morning Suncoast Weekends Weather Sunday 7:30 AM

Four more days of morning fog and warmer afternoons with higher humidity.

  On and Off Fog!

Our late January "heat wave" continues through Wednesday.

  Staying warm with a few more clouds

After a few days of bright sunshine we may see some cloudiness slip in for a bit on Saturday as a cold front gets close to the Suncoast on Saturday.

  More Sunshine Along The Suncoast

Sunshine glows across the coast with highs in the 70's.

  Warming up for the weekend

Don’t put away the winter clothes quite yet as there is still a long way to go before winter officially comes to a close. It won’t feel like winter this weekend as 80 degree temperatures can’t be ruled out for our inland communities.