Warming up for the last weekend of Summer for Suncoast

This is it! Finally summer is just about over and we can get ready for cool dry weather right? Well no, not really. Summer officially ends on Monday morning.

  First Alert Weather: Lower humidity on the doorstep

  Cold front to bring some changes to Suncoast on Thursday

  First Alert Weather: Changes coming to Suncoast weather

  Cold front to bring slightly cooler temperatures to Suncoast Thursday

  First Alert Weather: Hot today with relief around the corner

  Hurricane Humberto draws down some dry air into the Suncoast

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  First Alert Weather: A cold front is on the way

  Humberto Strengthening and Moving Away

Humberto Becomes a Hurricane on Monday

  Weekend is looking much better as tropical trouble stays well east of Suncoast

  First Alert Forecast: Rain chances go up as a cyclone moves through the Bahamas

  Potential tropical cyclone could be Humberto as it moves closer to FL

  Tropical disturbance could bring heavy rains to the Suncoast this weekend

Models are split on the path of the storm. The European model has shifted west and keeps a rapidly developing stronger storm off shore of the east coast. The American model has a less intense storm moving closer to Florida.

  Tropical system getting better organized near Cuba

Invest 95 L the tropical disturbance is still over 500 miles away from the Suncoast but getting closer by the day.

  First Alert Weather: Wet Suncoast weekend

Dry and high pressure will limit the chance for showers this afternoon. With a generally east or northeast wind that will surge a bit in the afternoon and evening, we will see a few isolated showers build in inland locations in the early afternoon and then drift to the coast.

  Area of concern over SE Bahamas has good chance of developing this weekend

Dry air will continue to hang around through Wednesday with little chance for showers in the afternoon and early evening. Look for mostly sunny skies on Wednesday with highs in the mid 90′s inland and low 90′s near the coast.

  First Alert Weather: Today is the peak of the 2019 Hurricane season

First Alert Weather: The peak of the 2019 hurricane season is today


  Tropical Wave Could Bring Relief

Suncoast Quiet While Tropics Get Busy

  First Alert Weather - Hot Weekend

  First Alert Weather: Another Heat Advisory day on the Suncoast

A Heat Advisory in effect for the afternoon between noon and 6 pm. The combination of the high humidity and the warm temperatures will bring the "feels like" temperatures up to about 108 degrees to 112 degrees.

  First Alert Weather - Hot Friday

It will be a hot and humid end of the week.

  First Alert Weather: Heat Advisory up for today

Dorian has become a stronger storm as it nears the South Carolina coast. On the back side of the storm the system will draw down dry and stable air in the upper air which forms of the premier of a hurricane. The dry air will remove any chance for rain today and for the next few days on the Suncoast.

  Dorian goes major again as winds increase to 115 mph

Hurricane Dorian continues to move toward the Carolina coast and dry air continues to spill in behind it. That means we can expect plenty of sunshine on Thursday with highs in the low 90′s.

  Suncoast will see sunny skies and breezy winds thanks to Hurricane Dorian

Heavy rain will fall on that coast Wednesday and surf will be elevated. But on our coast, we’ll see breezy conditions, prompting Small Craft and Rip Current advisories. The breezy conditions will likely begin to subside by Friday as Dorian continues to move away.

Dorian continues NW losing some of its punch but still giving a big blow to E. Florida

Dorian continues to move away from the NW Bahamas staying offshore of Florida as it moves NW at 5-10 mph. The top winds now down to 110 mph making it a strong category 2 hurricane.

  Hurricane Dorian, still a Category 3, begins to make turn and head northward

Dorian’s forecast track continues to keep the storm off the coast of Florida with the forecast cone now keeping the uncertainty of two thirds error off land. The effects of the storm will still be felt on the Atlantic coast with gusty winds, rain and high water.

  Dorian starting to weaken but still a major storm

For the past 2 days now Dorian has been ripping up the NW Bahama Islands with winds of 185 mph. Those winds are now down to 140 mph with gusts of 175 mph.

  Hurricane Dorian remains a Category 4, but winds have slowed slightly

The National Hurricane Center in Miami said in an advisory at 11 a.m. that Dorian’s maximum sustained winds are 155 mph, which takes the extremely dangerous storm down one notch, from Category 5.

  Tracking Dorian: Too Close for Comfort Dorian Cat 5 Moving West Over Bahamas

Dorian will continue to slow down as it moves westward across the Northwestern Bahamas before beginning a gradual turn to the northwest late Monday.

  Hurricane Dorian, a Category 5 storm with winds of 185mph, makes landfall in the Bahamas

Until the storm has made its turn to the north and moved above the Suncoast in latitude, we should remain vigilant with regards to its track.

  Dorian nearing Category 5 status with winds now near 150mph and gusts at 185mph

Warm oceanic waters and little shear was all it took for Dorian to rapidly intensify over the past 24. It went from a 110 mph storm to 150 in less than 24 hours.

  Hurricane Dorian is now a major Category 3 hurricane, Suncoast at higher risk of damaging winds

Its central pressure is dropping, its speed is increasing, the eye is forming and its rapidly developing. On Saturday, the storm will turn to the west and start heading for Florida, increasing to a Category 4 hurricane in strength.

  Florida future still uncertain as extremely dangerous Dorian heads our way

The latest forecast track from the National Hurricane Center continues to show a path into Florida’s east coast. Timing of the hit should be late Sunday or early Monday.

  Dorian now forecast to be Category 4 hurricane when it makes landfall in Florida

It is still forecast to become a Category 2 then Category 3 major hurricane over the next 24 to 48 hours. Now that the center is out over open very warm water we can expect a rapid increase in intensity.


The latest update on hurricane Dorian shows it getting deeper in pressure. The pressure drop in just 3 hours was 7mb. Now that the center is out over open very warm water we can expect a rapid increase in intensity over the next 2 days.

  First Alert Weather: Dorian, now a Cat. 1 hurricane, expected to be a major Cat. 3 hurricane when approaching Florida

Dorian, now a Category 1 hurricane, is gaining in strength and new forecasting shows it possibly becoming a Category 3 storm before it hits the East Coast of the United States - but where it will hit remains uncertain.

  Dorian to be a cat. 1 hurricane as it moves toward Florida

Dorian has not gained strength much today and actually had a redevelopment of the center further to the north. This has made a change in the path over the next few days but is still on track to hit somewhere along the E. coast of Florida sometime on Sunday.

  First Alert Weather: Better rain chances later this week as we watch Dorian’s track

High pressure keeps control of our weather over the next few days. It will bring us a west wind that will cause a few morning and early afternoon showers near the coast. By early afternoon the showers will cross the interstate and increase in coverage, leaving the coastal areas drier.

  Dorian could become hurricane on Wednesday as it heads toward Puerto Rico

Dorian has been battling dry air for most of its life. The dry air will still be around through the day and Tuesday and should inhibit this storm from gaining any significant strength throughout the day.

  The winds of change brings a chance for morning coastal storms once again

With high pressure again being suppressed to our south we will continue to see scattered showers and thunderstorms during the morning and early afternoon near the coast and then mainly inland east of I-75 later in the day.

  First Alert Weather: Morning rains return to the Suncoast and we closely watch the tropics.

We have active weather to start the new work week on the Suncoast. A trough of low pressure is sagging into north Florida and helping hold a high pressure ridge to our south. With the high to our south, our winds have shifted to the southwest.


The system which has been hanging around, off the east coast of Florida over the past few days will not be a problem for Florida as it moves by the Carolinas this evening.

  First Alert Weather - Tropical Storm Dorian Has Formed

The tropics are very active right now.

  Tropical system to bring a few showers and thunderstorms over the weekend

The tropics are really heating up as we monitor an area of low pressure near SE Florida. This system is expected to move over S. Florida and along the E. coast of Florida on Sunday.

  First Alert Weather: Rain chances are going up as we watch the tropics.

There are several elements of the forecast that will be carefully watched over the next few days. The first is an area of disturbed weather just off the south Florida Atlantic coast.

  First Alert Weather: Drier than normal today with a few late showers

Slightly drier air will reduce the rain chances for today to only 20%. There will be some storms that develop but the coverage will be much less that on a typical summer day.

  Tropics getting active right on cue as we enter the most active part of season

A tropical disturbance E. of the N. Bahamas will move closer to Florida on Thursday. This system will bring some slightly drier air our way on Thursday out ahead of this tropical wave.

  First Alert Weather: Slightly lower rain chance for a few days before rains return

Slightly drier air is in the process of moving into the atmosphere from the Atlantic. The impact for the Suncoast will be a slightly lower coverage of the afternoon showers today

  Late day storms will continue to move into the Suncoast with mostly sunny mornings

Some slightly drier air will be hanging around through Thursday in the mid to upper levels of the atmosphere mean only a few late day storms on Wednesday. Some of those storms could bring some moderate to heavy rainfall and some dangerous lightning.

  First Alert Weather: Slightly higher chance for thunder today

An area of high pressure is now to our north and so our winds will remain out of the southeast today. The winds across the state and our local sea breeze will meet in the afternoon and trigger numerous thunderstorms along the interstate corridor.

  Typical summer pattern to stick around through the work week

With the predominate west wind gone and now an east to southeast wind we can expect mainly afternoon and evening thunderstorms to develop each day this week and move from inland areas toward the coast.

  First Alert Weather: The Suncoast is returning to more typical summer pattern

We are returning to a more typical summer Suncoast pattern today. As high pressure begins to shift to the north our winds will establish out of the east. A sea breeze will form in the afternoon and rain chances increase late in the day.

  First Alert Weather - Brief Break From The Rain

We’ll see a brief break in the rain at the start of the week.

  First Alert Weather: Not Over Yet

We still have showers and thunderstorms in our forecast for the rest of today and tonight. Into the overnight period and into Sunday, we continue to see chances for showers and thunderstorms.

  Flood watch continues through Saturday morning and then back to basics by Sunday

The front which has been responsible for all the rain is about to fade away but not until late Saturday. High pressure will build back to our north which will switch our winds around to the SE which will bring mainly afternoon and evening storms coming to the coast from inland areas.

  First Alert Weather: There is a potential for minor flooding on the Suncoast

Its a First Alert Weather Day due to the heavy rain potential that could bring urban and small stream and poor drainage area flooding. The ground is saturated as many areas have seen several inches of rain over the last few days


Just one more day of gloomy weather and then things start to improve for the weekend. We have declared Friday as a First Alert Weather day due to the possibility of minor flooding and rip currents along the area beaches.

  Wet weather pattern to continue through Friday as flood watch remains

A cold front will continue to drift to the N. Gulf of Mexico on Thursday this will keep a high pressure system suppressed to our south. This will continue to funnel warm moist air in from the Gulf right into our area through Friday and possibly the weekend.

  First Alert Weather: Flood Watch up into Friday

A FLOOD WATCH is in effect for the Suncoast into Friday and may be extended into the weekend. Two important characteristics of the atmosphere will be very important over the next few days.

  Flood watch in effect as more heavy rain possible through Friday

High pressure has been pushed to the south of the Suncoast and is now positioned over the Keys and Florida Straits. This has been the pattern as of late and will stay that way through the weekend.

  First Alert Weather: Heavy rain possible over the next four days

The west wind flow has increased the moisture in the atmosphere and raised the possibility of heavy rain over the next 3 or 4 days. Additionally, recent rain has saturated the ground and any heavy rain will rapid run-off onto the roads.

  Chance for rain stays high through the week with some heavy rain possible at times

This pattern of morning showers and thunderstorms along the coast will continue through the rest of this work week.

  First Alert Weather: Scattered showers for the first day of a new school year

The west wind pattern continues today for a unusually long run of warm and muggy days that feature scattered, almost any time almost anywhere, showers and thunderstorms. The difference between last week and this week is a slight increase in the atmospheric moisture available to produce heavy rains.

  Ain’t No Sunshine When It’s Gone

And that was certainly the way it was today. The sunshine made a brief appearance this morning and then we were left with mostly cloudy skies and the occasional rain shower and thunderstorm.

  Warm and muggy weekend with scattered storms and a heat index near 106

Stay hydrated this weekend as very sticky weather will be in play through Sunday.

  First Alert Weather: Hot and very muggy with fewer storms today

The weather pattern for the Suncoast will remain basically unchanged into next week with only minor day to day changes. Rain chances near the coast will slightly lower today but scattered showers are still expected.

  West wind brings warm and muggy nights along with scattered a.m. coastal storms

Westerly winds around an area of high pressure in the Gulf will allow for some scattered showers along the coast in the morning and early afternoon and then the main focus of storms shifts inland later in the day.

  First Alert Weather: West wind pattern continues

We remain in a west wind pattern with moderate winds off Gulf waters. This pattern is one we see about one-third of the time during the summer on the Suncoast. It will bring showers from the Gulf waters onto the shore during the morning and afternoon hours before the focus for the storms shifts into

  FIRST ALERT WEATHER: Wednesday’s Wet Forecast

For today, you can expect basically the same forecast as we had on Monday and Tuesday; scattered showers and thunderstorms during the morning hours, then afternoon storms inland, with those storms moving eastward.

  FIRST ALERT WEATHER: Southwest winds will help to push afternoon storms away from the coast

Today’s forecast will be much like yesterday’s... southwest-west winds bringing warm and muggy conditions, coastal morning showers and storms, and a few big storms developing inland by this afternoon.

  First Alert Weather - Dryer Conditions Ahead

Despite the short term scattered showers and thunderstorms we are going to see much drier weather ahead but it will still be hot and humid.

  FIRST ALERT WEATHER: A wet forecast pattern sets up along the Suncoast

Due to a southwesterly wind flow around an area of high pressure to the south, and a stationary boundary to the north, a wet weather pattern, (or otherwise known as a, “moisture sandwich”), will set up over the Suncoast, and bring morning showers and storms for the next several days.

  First Alert Weather - Rain Chances Monday

There is a very good chance of seeing a scattered showers and thunderstorms to start the week.

First Alert Weather: More sun, less rain in the forecast

here’s a break in the rain for Saturday night and Sunday.

  First Alert Weather - Wet Weekend

It looks as if we’ll see more scattered showers and thunderstorms through the weekend.

  First Alert Weather: Wet weather pattern in place with tropical development possible

In the short term a wet weather pattern is locked in for the Suncoast. A upper level low pressure area in the Gulf will combine with tropical moisture lifting north from the Bahamas to bring rain chances of 70% to 80%.

  First Alert Weather: Better rain chance today near the coast and some heavy rain possible by weekend

Chances for afternoon showers and thunderstorms along coastal areas will be on the increase today. A weaker sea breeze and slightly higher moisture content in the air will bring a 50% chance for late day storms.