Orwell gives this spin two thumbs up!

Capt. Obvious wanted to pop in and give the airport repesentative a golden star for the day :) "Airport officials say hiring a new company will provide better customer service."

He must have used his airport recently.

Does anybody care that we just spent $170,000,000.00 + dollars on the Sarasota High School facility & now they are spending ATLEAST $40,000,000.00 more dollars to do a simple bus loop addition? We should be having a discussion about how mismanaged the planning was for the facility and st…

Guilty! Throw him in jail with the rest of the criminals.. His badge & union should not block justice~

Target4Tyrants commented on Fine for backing in car raises eyebrows

As being a witness to parking meter maids giving out tickets in the Marina Jack's parking lot, I will say that they do not draw attention to the signs they just installed. It tends to blend in with the bunch of other laws they have posted. I did not notice the signs when I entered the parkin…

Target4Tyrants commented on 1 dead, 3 injured in Sarasota crash

They intersect at the edge of the airport. University curves into DeSoto

Why would he care if he does or doesn't get cought breaking the law? The worst that happens is he will get fired. Most likely the union will protect him.. as usual.

Welcome to the Police State~