Sarah Kagan


Dr. Sarah Kagan is a professor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing where she specializes in geriatric issues and the care of older people.

I was teaching in Hong Kong last month. My students from both America and Hong Kong study elder care with me -- comparing Hong Kong, mainland …

Oh, February – wishing for sunshine and missing the warm feelings of the holidays... Valentine’s Day is a welcome change from the routine, whe…

Think about this –there’s media coverage daily on how to be healthy as you age. And worse, these rules keep shifting. If you are searching for the next anti-aging miracle, you’ve missed the point of living a long life. So why not take a page from my Mom’s manual and ditch the rule book and go with a few of the following that really do make a difference

I’ve always liked the Bette Davis quote: “Old age is no place for sissies.” But not for the reason you might think. I see older people today proving that old-age dependency to be a myth, a stereotype tied to mid-20th century thinking.

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