instead of having an open house, put the house online as a virtual tour. A good realtor should have this available. Then if you have a serious prospect, have the realtor show by appointment. This is safer for the realtor and the homeowner.

I don't know what bank this poor woman had her money in but they are a disgrace!! I was in banking for many years and we were very sensitive to anyone, even family members, who tried to withdraw money on a regular basis when the account holder was elderly.
This should have been stopped a…

I am so glad that someone found these dogs and their hoarding situation and rescued them. I think that social services should go to the home and help the elderly couple as well, they obviously should not be living in that filth and they need help too.

I'm very glad that someone reported this and that the dogs were rescued. It is so sad when the elderly, or anyone, tries to hoard animals. I feel bad for the dogs and the elderly couple.
I hope that in addition to the dogs being rescued, that social services will be helping the people.

Why don't they sidestep the city commissioners entirely and continue with their plans to purchase the statue? They could put it in the National Cemetary, really a more appropriate place anyway.

We attended the 2 p.m. show of the Summer Circus today. It was magical. A very wonderful experience. The audience was full of children, parents and grandparents. From the wonderful Mr. Rob the clown to the last act, the amazing hand balancing duo from Sarasota, we enjoyed every minute. …

I tried to get warning Sandhill Crane signs put on Beneva Rd. near Gulf Gate Drive. Many cranes cross Beneva from Gulf Gate East to the church property across the road. Several have been killed. When I contacted the county I was told that they didn't have the money to put up the signs and th…