Dee Jamacek

Does it fly over your house?? We are worried about helicopter crashes, have you ever read on the internet about them crashing? We are not being selfish, I don't see why they cannot move it to the North Port Emergency Center on Toledo Blade. It has enough room.

There's an emergency medical center right here in North Port, it has enough room.

We were told there was no need to discuss it at the last meeting because it would be moved. It has not been moved yet. There are people writing to The Sun newspapers from Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda, saying they want it to stay where it is. They do not even live here and do not have to…

You would not say that if it crashed into your house or woke you up in the middle of the night when you have to get up for work. North ort is a big city and they can relocate it to where it doesn't go over the homes. You probably don't even live in this area,

As low as he flew just now, he scared my dogs. They can go to their destination an lower down, there's no reason for what happened just now. Some are just jerks. If he crashes into one of our houses here, there will be a lawsuit from the family.