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As the Culinary Director for ABC 7, I whip up cooking segments on ABC 7 News at Noon, along with recipes, cooking tips, reviews and great food finds on MySuncoast Dining at www.mysuncoast.com

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Chef Judi

Chef Judi commented on Lunch with Chef Judi: Made In Italy

[smile] and I am back there Sunday night for dinner yum!!

Chef Judi

ah this pains me-- a homemade dressing is quite easy, much less sodium and as simple as some fresh squeezed lemon, a dahs of good olive oil, some fresh ground sea salt and ground black pepper and a pinch of dijon and rice wine vinegar!
for more ideas tune into Chef Judi's Dish weekdays a…

Chef Judi

Chef Judi commented on 3/8/13 - Philippi Creek Oyster Bar

[smile] we had so much fun on our first segment of lunch with Judi- watch us this Frday live on ABC 7 at noon and for out of towners please follow us right here on mysuncoast.com- we promise you even more dining tips, cooking tips and trends...stay tuned!

Chef Judi

Aays great for people to cook for their Mom!!

Chef Judi

Chef Judi commented on 1/18/1`3 - Herb Crusted NY Strip

John Scalzi and I got so excited about th steak sale that we went to Fresh market and bought sirloins on sale for the freezer- this Sat is the last Sat of the slae so stock up and email me if you need new recipes [beam]