i agree, get them the heck out of here....... they are not gonna pay taxes either. they come here and work dont pay tax and then find their way into the welfare system and we all support them.

get them out of here..... this country has enough problems and we dont need illegals here, close the borders for good. These people come here and work, claim Max dependents, pay no tax, file taxes with a dead persons social and get $8000 back and then get welfare too. contribute nothing and …

this is news???

the kid has talent but not enough to have lasted as long as he did on this show...... I along with others thought he was rather boring.

throw away the key with this piece of trash

get yourself motivated and apply yourself to something so you dont have to work for $8.00 and hour....... guess its walmart's fault you people arent qualified to work a better job too.

the whole thing was a money trap and it was trashy........... wont ever waste our time on it again.[sad]