European Wellness Collaborates with Heidelberg University Germany to Conduct Efficacy Studies of Peptides and Cell Therapy Research

Published: Oct. 27, 2021 at 4:30 AM EDT

FRANKFURT, Germany, Oct. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – European Wellness Academy (EWA), the educational arm of European Wellness Biomedical Group (EWG), has signed an agreement to carry out joint scientific research on the efficacy of peptides, cell therapy, exosomes and cell reprogramming for rejuvenation in premature murine aging models.

Logo (PRNewsfoto/European Wellness Biomedical Group)
Logo (PRNewsfoto/European Wellness Biomedical Group)

EWA was represented by its Group Chairman, Prof. Dr. Mike Chan, while Heidelberg University was represented by its Commercial Managing Director, Katrin Erk and its Head of Institute of Anatomy and Cell Biology III, Prof. Dr. Thomas Skutella.

The cutting-edge therapeutics used for the studies include precursor (progenitor) stem cells (PSC), precursor cells (Frozen Organo Crygenics (FOC)), Mito Organelle (MO), Nano Organo Peptides (NOP) and exosomes.

Their studies include in vitro experiments concentrating on the effects of the products on the aging of somatic cells and cellular senescence, which is known to contribute to disease onset and progression. Investigated exosomes include neuronal stem cells (NSCs), mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), cardiomyocytes, kidney progenitors and hepatocytes.

EWA and Heidelberg University will also conduct in vivo experiments to demonstrate both safety and efficacy of the therapeutics, whereby the proof of effectivity will be recorded in the life span, histopathological and molecular criteria of neurodegeneration including Alzheimer/dementia, and system degeneration disorders including those affecting the immune system, skin, cardio, lung, kidney, liver, stomach/intestine/gut, eye, and muscular dystrophy.

Other criteria included are cartilage/joint/bone regeneration including knees/joints/hips, cervical, thoracic, lumbar, pelvic and musculoskeletal disorder, as well as endocrine disorders like endocrinal dysfunction due to over and underproduction of hormones and other activity pattern under the sleep wake cycle.

The ongoing specially designed studies are coordinated and designed by Prof. Dr. Thomas Skutella of Heidelberg University, a world-renowned research university and one of Germany's Top 3, Prof. Dr. Mike Chan and scientists of EWG.

European Wellness Academy

Located in Germany, Switzerland, Greece and Malaysia, EWA is a UK CPD authorised body with a premium training and development wing that revolves around cutting-edge Bio-Regenerative Medicine modalities for practitioners and researchers. The Academy has extensive years of combined clinical experience and a core academic team comprising of qualified clinicians and scientists with multiple international affiliations and accreditations.

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