Kansas teen to get high school, Harvard diplomas in 1 month

Weed that sprouted holiday cheer mysteriously uprooted

Runaway cow caught on I-80 recovering at animal sanctuary

Armed standoff ends after SWAT member sings Christmas carol

From duct-taped shoes to $11M: Man leaves surprise donations

Montana lawmaker proposes state rock and roll song

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Man held after using front-end loader to make get-away

2 homeless men allegedly broke into home, cooked dinner

NY baby is named after highway where she was born in a car

6 customers draw guns on men attempting to steal tools

Officials: Man broke into home, got owner to give him a ride

  VIDEO: Car ends up in pond at Venice golf course

Man finds a $10,000 surprise inside designer bag on subway

A purse left in a Manhattan subway station held a $10,000 surprise for the man who found it

Pedialyte touts hangover help this holiday season

Going to have a drink or two at a holiday party? Pedialyte has been used for years to help ease hangovers, but now comes in a convenient powder pack for adults.

Michigan couple remarry after realizing 1st try wasn't legal

A Michigan couple learned that they broke the law when they wed two years ago, so they asked a judge to void the illegal marriage and then to do it all over again

Police: Naked man tears down neighbor’s holiday decorations

Investigators say a 61-year-old Wisconsin man has been arrested after tearing down a neighbor's Christmas decorations while drunk and naked

Aquarium apologizes for tweets about sea otter

Bakers upset with missing tips on Hershey's Kisses candy

Florida man dupes Texas school district into sending him $2M

Finial swiped from conservatory dome returned, gift wrapped

St. Louis police searching for woman’s stolen tiny home

Russian guards not in a Christmas mood on Estonian border

Police: Man tried to pay for McDonald’s with bag of weed

Port St. Lucie police say the fast food worker denied the trade and Anthony Andrew Gallagher drove off, only to return again a short time later. Police arrested him Sunday on charges of marijuana possession and driving under the influence.

Federal court says NY ban on nunchucks unconstitutional

A federal court says New York's ban on nunchucks, the martial arts weapon made famous by Bruce Lee but prohibited in the state since 1974, is unconstitutional under the Second Amendment

Missouri poacher ordered to repeatedly watch ‘Bambi’

A Missouri poacher has been ordered to repeatedly watch the movie "Bambi" as part of his sentence for illegally killing hundreds of deer

Maine shuts down pot Facebook page after critics poke fun

The state of Maine has shut down a Facebook page detailing the potential dangers of marijuana use in response to a satirical page launched by pro-pot critics

Trucker saves dogs thrown from vehicle on New York highway

A pair of beagle mixes are on the mend after authorities say someone threw them out of a moving vehicle on a snowy New York highway

  VIDEO: Rare footage of a Barred Owl rescued by Sarasota firefighters

If you think your week was interesting. The Sarasota County Firefighters received an unexpected call to rescue a Barred owl.

  Armored truck deposits cash on highway in NJ

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  VIDEO: North Port’s Solid Waste Division releases 12 Days of Garbage

The city released a video titled, “12 Days of Garbage", an original parody song written, sand and lip-synched by North Port’s solid waste staff.

Florida man arrested for biting boys out of frustration

The Pinellas County Sheriff's Office says Rashawn Davis was arrested Thursday. He faces two charges of aggravated child abuse and was being held in jail Friday on a $50,000 bond.

Truck crashes through home, misses sleeping woman

Pickup truck smashes through a home in Massachusetts, barely missing a woman who was asleep on her couch

Scuba-diving Santa brings holiday cheer to fish, museumgoers

It's a busy time for Santa Claus, but he's making time to feed some fish in San Francisco

Candidate whose missed vote led to tie loses on dice roll

A city council candidate in northeastern Arkansas whose runoff election ended in a tie after he didn't vote has lost his bid for the seat by a roll of the dice

89-year-old Alabama woman jailed over messy appliance store

An 89-year-old Alabama woman is free after spending what she describes as her first night in jail for failing to clean up her small-town appliance store

Motorists nab cash spilled by armored truck, causing crashes

Police say an armored truck spilled cash on a New Jersey highway, causing multiple crashes as motorists stopped to grab money

Hung without care? Some say tunnel decor is an eyesore

The Holland Tunnel between New Jersey and New York City may be in for a makeover after critics called the placement of its holiday decorations a distraction, a possible trigger for people with obsessive-compulsive disorder _ and just plain ugly

Customs finds 70 finches in hair rollers

Customs officials at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport say they found 70 live finches hidden inside hair rollers

Crews rescue man stuck in grease vent of empty restaurant

A man who was possibly trying to burglarize an abandoned Chinese restaurant has been rescued from the grease vent, where officials say he had been trapped for two days

Factory mishap paves street with chocolate in Germany

A town in western Germany briefly became a scene that could have dreamed up by fans of fictional candy maker Willy Wonka when a ton of chocolate flowed out of a factory and solidified on the street

Man sues after getting finger caught in airplane armrest

A man is suing after he says one of his pinky fingers was caught in an airline armrest mechanism for nearly an hour during a flight to Los Angeles

Teacher accused of cutting boy's hair pleads not guilty

Authorities say a California high school teacher pleaded not guilty to several charges of child cruelty and battery counts after she forced a haircut on one of her students

Moose rings Alaska home's doorbell

A moose used the doorbell to awaken a couple in Alaska

Feng shui or in the way? Begrudged boulders won't budge

A Maine restaurant owner is citing "feng shui" as a reason not to move boulders outside the building that are in the way of a sidewalk project

California teacher arrested for forcibly cutting boy's hair

A high school teacher in central California has been arrested on suspicion of felony child endangerment after forcibly cutting the hair of one of her students while singing the National Anthem

It's now or never pedestrians: German town has Elvis lights

Keep your blue suede shoes behind the curb: the German town where Elvis Presley was stationed as a soldier in the 1950s has installed three pedestrian lights with images of the American rock icon

New bacon vending machine fuels Ohio State University students

The Ohio State University now has a vending machine that dispenses bacon products to fulfill every student’s dream.

Quackarazzi: Mandarin duck holds NYC in its spell

Quackarazzi: A brightly colored Mandarin duck is holding New York City in its spell, with pink, purple, orange and emerald green colors one admirer called a "living box of crayons."

New study explains creation of deadly California 'firenado'

A new study says a rare fire tornado that raged during the deadly Carr Fire in Northern California was created by a combination of scorching weather, erratic winds and an ice-topped cloud that towered miles into the atmosphere

Dragged carpet roll investigated in Alaska man's death

Alaska State Troopers are reviewing the death of a 56-year-old Fairbanks man whom they initially thought had died in a traffic crash

Police: Man freed from jail steals car from its parking lot

Police say a Pennsylvania man released from custody immediately stole a car in the jail's parking lot

Teacher who spoiled Santa will not return to school

School officials say a substitute teacher who told first-grade students in New Jersey that Santa Claus isn't real will not be returning to the school

Utah man accused of hammering ice pick through man's penis

A Utah man has been charged with sexual assault and kidnapping after authorities say he hammered a tool resembling an ice pick through another man's penis during an argument

Secret Santa pays off nearly $30K in Walmart layaways

A Secret Santa made the holiday season a little brighter for hundreds of shoppers near Philadelphia after paying off nearly $30,000-worth of layaways at a Walmart

CHP may have used Tesla Autopilot to stop speeding car

The California Highway Patrol says it may have used the Autopilot system of a Tesla to stop the car after its driver fell asleep

Boy hits target, convinces town to scrap snowball fight ban

Boy gets small Colorado town to lift nearly century-old ban on snowball fights

Dutch court rejects man's request to be 20 years younger

A Dutch court has rejected the request of a motivational speaker to shave 20 years off his age, in a case that drew worldwide attention.

Minnesota church ends 70-year tradition of lutefisk dinner

70-year tradition of serving lutefisk dinner ends at a Minnesota church with an obituary penned by the pastor

Saving Clark's neck? Panic at 'Lampoon's Christmas' display

A holiday display meant to re-create a scene from "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" looked a little too real and caused a veteran to spring into action

Royal Mail delivers: Postman, can you take this to heaven?

A 7-year-old Scottish boy who sent a birthday card to his father in heaven has received a heart-warming reply, thanks to Britain's Royal Mail

FanDuel pays out bets on Alabama to win title ahead of game

FanDuel sportsbook is paying out bets from people who picked Alabama to win the college football national championship _ over a month before the game is played

DC clerk stalls marriage over 'foreign' New Mexico ID card

A District of Columbia clerk refused to accept a New Mexico man's state driver's license for a marriage license because she and her supervisor believed New Mexico was a foreign country

Court: Man put clothes, ID on stand-in corpse in $2M scheme

Details have emerged about how a Minnesota man allegedly faked his own death seven years ago in Eastern Europe to collect a $2 million life insurance policy

Bradenton man accused of threatening to blow up sheriff’s office

Jamer Lawrence, 28, was taken into custody last week and charged with threat to commit an act of terrorism. Deputies say in March 2018, Lawrence began sending disturbing messages to the sheriff's office on Facebook, identifying himself as "Ljameer Muhammad."

Officials: Woman passes gas, pulls knife on offended man

A Florida woman faces an aggravated assault charge after authorities say she passed gas in line at a dollar store and pulled a knife on a man who complained about it

  Parents weigh in after photo captures East AL school bus diagonally parking, blocking traffic during pick up

In a photo, you can see what appears to be a child nearby getting ready to cross the road to get on the bus.

Police: Man shoots son after fight over kneeling NFL players

Cary police say 21-year-old Esteban Marley Valencia and his brother argued during dinner about the athletes' protest of racial injustice. News outlets report 51-year-old Jorge Luis Valencia-Lamadrid told officers Valencia then physically attacked his other son so he retrieved a shotgun.

Grinch steals Christmas from nuns, but they get it back

The Little Sisters of the Poor have a theory about how they got Christmas back from the Grinch who stole half the presents intended for hospice residents and employees

Sheriff: Pair killed ex-housemate over stolen PlayStation

Seminole County Sheriff Dennis Lemma said 22-year-old Jake Bilotta and 21-year-old Ian McClurg coaxed the victim to the home they shared in Maitland. Investigators say he was lured under the premise of going to a party, and then stabbed several times with a chef's knife.

Steer too beefy to become burgers reprieved to life on farm

Knickers the steer is too beefy to become burgers, so he's won a reprieve to live out his days on the farm

Video shows Arizona fire started with gender reveal party

Video released by U.S. Forest Service shows how gender reveal led to Arizona wildfire

Florida man accused of stabbing woman over underdone potato

Police say a 36-year-old Florida man is accused of stabbing a woman with a fork over an undercooked potato.

  Florida man clings to hang-glider over Swiss mountains after pilot forgets to attach harness

North Port man clings to hang glider over Swiss mountains after pilot forgets to attach harness.

Sleeping pilot overflies Australian island destination

Airline officials say a pilot is under investigation after falling asleep in the cockpit of a freight plane and overflying his Australian island destination by 46 kilometers (29 miles)

Iowa council gives final approval to 'toy' firearms ban

A city council in northwest Iowa has banned people from carrying some types of "toy" firearms

Police officer rescues chicken from fire

A police officer who saved a chicken from becoming a roaster is taking a ribbing from his fellow officers

Houston-area ATM mistakenly dispenses $100 bills, not $10s

A Bank of America ATM in the Houston area was shut down and guarded by law officers after mistakenly dispensing $100 bills instead of $10s and word of the glitch got out on social media

Man charged with attack landlord with machete

Authorities say a Florida man attacked his elderly landlord with a machete after the older man confronted the tenant about unpaid rent.

  WATCH: Aggressive shoppers rush into Victoria’s Secret on Black Friday

Shoppers were getting aggressive at the Black Friday store opening at a Victoria’s Secret store in Tennessee.

Sarasota County Sheriff Sgt. helped connect woman with father on Thanksgiving

One woman received a surprise on Thanksgiving that was made possible by a Sarasota County Sheriff Sergeant.