Local group says mailed Social Security letters are legit

Millions of Americans nationwide have been getting letters in the mail from the Social Security Administration about a cost-savings program.

E-cigarette use among teens jumps around 700 percent

  Yes, It’s Real: Almost 5,000 seniors in Sarasota County receiving letters for cost-saving programs on their Medicare coverage

  Venice Regional Bayfront Health lays off employees, reports say

  No Swim Advisory Lifted for Palma Sola South

  Man recovering in Sarasota after a severe rattlesnake bite in North Port

  New health care facility opens in Lakewood Ranch

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  Studies show more seniors are waiting longer to retire

‘No Swim’ advisory issued for Palma Sola South in Manatee County

  Is moving to a retirement home right for you?

  First Step of Sarasota announces merger with Coastal Behavioral Healthcare

Company recalls hamburger, hot dog buns sold in multiple states

  What You Need to Know About Flesh-Eating Bacteria on the Suncoast

  Rapid Response EMS pilot program expands to Venice

Back in April, the Sarasota County Fire Department started a Rapid Response EMS truck pilot program as a new way of saving lives. Since, the department has expanded to neighboring cities.

  Less water linked to more sugary drinks for kids

Summer months call for extra hydration, and experts agree that when it comes to quenching thirst water is the best choice.

  ‘No Swim’ Advisory lifted at Brohard Beach

The ‘No Swim’ advisory that was issued on Wednesday at Brohard Beach has been lifted.

  Second food service worker diagnosed with Hepatitis A, this time in Sarasota County

The Sarasota County Health Department says a lab test taken on July 3 confirmed an employee had Hepatitis A while working at Piccolo Italian Market & Deli on Gateway Avenue.

  Free Hepatitis A vaccinations being offered locally

Two of three “no swim advisories” lifted, but the Department of Health is still urging caution

‘No Swim’ advisories lifted for Venice Beach and Lido Casino Beach

  Health department identifies case of Hepatitis A in food service worker

  Before you go swimming, make sure you know what Cryptosporidium is

Dr. Steven J. Feldman, DDS, PA

  Woman dies after contracting flesh eating bacteria

Woman dies after contracting flesh eating bacteria

  Roskamp Institute begins studying long-term effects of red tide in humans

It’s been months since red tide hammered the Suncoast. Yet it’s still unknown how it affects the human body long term.

  New Florida law to aid hospitals build facilities without ‘certificate of need’

A new start for the state of Florida is underway starting Monday. One hundred new laws will take effect and one of them is House Bill 21.

  Florida hospital challenging state funding cut

A court battle is brewing over a legislative decision to cut Medicaid funds from two South Florida hospitals controlled by the owner of a nursing home where residents died following Hurricane Irma.

  Contract negotiation underway between Cigna and SMH

If the two companies don’t reach a new deal soon, Cigna customers could lose their privileges at SMH, and be forced to either pay out of pocket, or go elsewhere.

  Local eye doctor stresses importance of eye protection

Thursday is designated as National Sunglasses Day and a local eye doctor emphasizes the importance of always wearing eye protection when outside.

  Governor backs treatment options for veterans

A series of alternative treatment options could soon be U.S. military veterans with traumatic brain injuries or post-traumatic stress disorder.

  Health officials looking for ways to combat the rise of Hepatitis A cases in the Suncoast

Hepatitis A cases continue to rise not only in Florida but in the Suncoast.

  CAN Community Health raises awareness on National HIV Testing Day

On National HIV Testing Day, CAN Community Health provided free testing on Thursday by setting up a mobile unit.

  Local Sarasota senior center works to reduce heat-related deaths for the elderly

Recent studies show that 40 percent of heat-related deaths in the U.S. were among people over 65 years old.

  Hepatitis A cases on the rise in the Suncoast

According to the Florida Department of Health, the dates between June 16th and June 22nd, 25 counties in the state reported new cases of Hepatitis A. That includes two new cases in Sarasota County and five new cases in Manatee County.

  Sarasota County Fire Department recognized by AHA

The Sarasota County Fire Department is getting recognition from the American Heart Association.

  Health Tip: How to get a good night’s sleep

If you having trouble going to sleep at night, your phone could be part of the issue. A sleep expert said exposing yourself to the blue light from your phone and going on social media will stimulate your brain instead of relaxing it.

  Tips for the elderly and people who have to work outside in high temperatures

Tips for the elderly and people who have to work outside in these high temperatures

  Sarasota doctor pleased President Trump took his advice

President Trump consulted Dr. Brad Lerner of Sarasota before signing an Executive Order earlier this week on hospital pricing.

Law banning vaping in workplaces goes into effect next week

The vaping ban, which goes into effect on July 1st, implements part of a constitutional amendment supported by nearly 70 percent of voters last year. The change is similar to a long-standing law that prohibits smoking tobacco in places of employment.

  Health Tip: How to know if you have sleep apnea and how to manage it

It's estimated that 22 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea and most of those cases go undiagnosed.

  Florida nears detailed information on health charges

Florida health care regulators now say that a much-promised website to help residents shop for health care will have specific information about what facilities charge by this fall.

  ‘No Swim’ advisory lifted at the Venice Fishing Pier

Sarasota County health officials have issued a “No Swim" advisory for the Venice Fishing Pier.

  New study shows technology use could be causing “head horns”

New study shows technology use could be causing “head horns”

  University of Florida taking lead on medical marijuana study

The University of Florida will take the lead on a study monitoring the effects of medical marijuana.

WEAR BLUE! Manatee Memorial wants to bring awareness to men’s health

Manatee Memorial Hospital wants to encourage everyone to wear blue to bring awareness of men’s health.

  Boy, 14, dies during football conditioning drills

Authorities say a Florida teen has died after collapsing during conditioning drills with his school's football team.

  City approves plan to build new hospital in Venice

On Tuesday, the Venice City Council approved a zoning amendment that gave the okay to Sarasota Memorial Hospital’s (SMH) development plans for its new Venice hospital.

  Florida governor signs bill for foreign drug importation

Floridians could eventually gain access to cheaper prescription drugs from Canada and other countries under legislation signed into law Tuesday by Gov. Ron DeSantis, if the federal government gives it a green light.

  Pines of Sarasota celebrating National Nursing Assistants Week

This week is designated as National Nursing Assistants Week to recognize the work Certified Nursing Assistants nationwide do each day.

Gov. DeSantis signs bill for foreign drug importation

The legislation allows creation of two prescription drug importation programs subject to strict regulation: one involving importing drugs from Canada and a second calling for drugs to be brought in from unspecified other countries to be chosen later.

  Critical need for all blood types on the Suncoast

Blood banks across the Suncoast are in critical need for all blood types.

  Pulse Point app will help rescuers find closest AED

A critical life saving smart phone app is getting some serious upgrades.

  Simple ways to eat healthier this summer

About 45 million Americans go on a diet each year. But, Registered Dietitian, Laura McLeroy, said making small lifestyle changes could be more beneficial than dieting.

  How to stay safe when working out in the heat

During this near record-breaking heat, it's important to be smart about outdoor workouts. This time of year those workouts can lead to heat exhaustion, heat cramps, or even heat stroke.

  How to monitor skin for Skin Cancer and what to look for in sunscreens

One in five Americans will develop skin cancer by the age of 70. And for Floridians, the daily sun exposure can be harmful overtime. But adding sunscreen to your daily routine could help.

  Two Sarasota facilities included in Senate report of nursing homes with serious health, safety and sanitary problems

Two Sarasota facilities included in Senate report of nursing homes with serious health, safety and sanitary problems

  How to know if you’re experiencing a heat-related illness

It may not officially be summer yet, but here on the Suncoast we are sure feeling the summer like temperatures. And those high temperatures could put you at risk for heat related illnesses.

Try to de-stress even as you prepare for severe weather

Researchers at the University of California-Irvine released a study this year asking 1,600 Florida residents to report their hours spent watching media reports in advance of 2017’s Hurricane Irma and their anxiety levels in the aftermath.

  Non-profit organization awards scholarships to high school graduates stepping into the medical field

Non-Profit organization award scholarships to high school graduates stepping into the medical field

  Suncoast residents urged to get vaccinated against measles

The new numbers from the Centers for Disease control and Prevention pushed the U.S. tally higher than the 963 illnesses reported for all of 1994. The nation last saw this many cases in 1992, when more than 2,200 were reported.

  During barbecues and parades, a Sarasota veteran serves as a reminder that many return from war with new battles to face

Amid celebrations and parades, one veteran serves as a reminder that many return from war with new battles to face

  Many in the Suncoast prepare for record breaking hot temperatures

It’s that time of year in the Suncoast where temperatures are on the rise.

  Sarasota home health agency accused of paying kickbacks to doctors for patients

Partial owners Timothy Beach and Stuart Christensen are being accused of False Claims Act violations. The DOJ says the kickbacks were paid through sham medical director agreements and payments to the spouses of physicians who referred patients to the home health agency.

  Doctors give advice on how to stay safe during record high temperatures

Record hitting temperatures can be dangerous to the body. Many will be hitting the beach or other outdoor events this Memorial Day weekend around the Suncoast, and health officials advising everyone to be cautious while enjoying the sun.

  Stroke awareness month honored on the Suncoast

Having a stroke is the leading cause of disability and the 5th highest cause of death in the United States.

Residents concerned with blue green algae lingering in Trailer Estates in Bradenton

Blue green algae a concern for residents of Trailer Estates in Bradenton.

Mayor’s Office: New Alabama abortion law costs B’ham two IT companies

A spokesman for Mayor Randall Woodfin confirms that the mayor told Diane McWhorter in a story for CNN that the new state abortion bill has cost the city two information technology companies.

  Food service worker at downtown Sarasota restaurant may have exposed guests to Hepatitis A

The Florida Department of Health warned customers of Duval’s on Main Street in Sarasota that a food service worker has been diagnosed with Hepatitis A and may have exposed guests who visited the restaurant between April 26, 2019 and May 10, 2019.

  Florida first lady DeSantis takes on mental health issues

Florida first lady Casey DeSantis is taking on mental health as a major issue, announcing Thursday that she’ll work with state agencies to examine the effectiveness of state programs and work with private businesses to let Floridians know about resources available to them.

  Staff discuss ways to implement statewide needle syringe program bill in Manatee County

Staff discuss ways to implement statewide needle syringe program bill in Manatee County

  Hepatitis A cases soar past 1,000 in Florida

Hepatitis A cases soar past 1,000

  Sewage spill affects Sarasota neighborhood

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection says 5,500 gallons of the sewage absorbed in the area around the lift station. The pumps failed because of an electrical problem, subsequently causing the spill.

  Station failure causes 5,500 gallon spill in Sarasota

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection issued a notice about the spill that happened at around noon in the 7200 block of Bounty Drive in the Gulf Gate neighborhood in Sarasota.

  Local health officials monitoring recent increase in Hepatitis A cases in Manatee County

Florida health officials are closely monitoring a spike in Hepatitis-A cases right now.

Bill to provided firefighters diagnosed with cancer coverage making progress in Congress

Several firefighters joined state Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis and lawmaker at the state capitol Thursday in support of legislation that would provide additional benefits to firefighters who are diagnosed with cancer.

Florida lawmakers pass bill for Canadian drug importation

Sponsors say the measure would give Floridians an opportunity to pay less for vital prescription drugs. U.S. consumers pay some of the highest prescription drug prices in the world, as much as 30% to 190% more than other Western countries, according to a legislative staff analysis.

Doctors call for elderly to get blood tests amid highest measles outbreak in U.S.

As of Wednesday, officials said there are 695 reported cases in 22 states, including Florida. This exceeds the previous high of 667 cases in 2014.

  Elder care facilities in Sarasota and Manatee County preparing for hurricane season

According to Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration, currently 113 of 115 elder care facilities in Sarasota County are in compliance while 53 of 55 are in compliance in Manatee County.

  Sarasota County Facing Lawsuit After Environmental Groups Claim Faulty Systems Are Polluting Suncoast Waterways

In the lawsuit, the groups claim that over the course of many years, Sarasota County has failed to maintain its sewage system. It says the infrastructure is aging and gets inundated very quickly, so not only is raw sewage spilling, but storm water as well, has been dumping into our waterways - way m

  Venice Fire Department Officially Taking Over EMS Service from Sarasota County

For two decades now, the Venice Fire Department and the Sarasota County Fire Department have shared responsibility in this area, but starting October of 2020, Sarasota County is stepping aside, and the Venice Fire Department will take all EMS calls.

  Mote says they will have technology to fight red tide in the next few years

Mote Marine Lab's CEO and President, Dr. Michael Crosby, said people can expect major developments in fighting the red tide within in the next few years.