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  Plenty of Opportunity for Rain This Weekend

  FIRST ALERT WEATHER: Pattern Shift Continues on the Suncoast

  A break in the rain and a change in the weather pattern

  A Couple More Days of Rain Before The Hot and Dry Hits

  Storms Could Dampen Your Plans

  Rain Chances Still High for Monday

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  Suncoast: Temperatures are looking hot and dry this week

  Let the Sun Shine

  FIRST ALERT WEATHER: Cold Front Lingers and So Do the Showers

  Mother’s Day Is Looking Good for the Suncoast

  Showers and T Showers Lingering Through Monday Morning

  Weak Cold Front Moves Through Sunday

  Winds Getting Shifty

Warming Up With Showers Later in Week

Gorgeouser And Gorgeouser

  Cold front on Sunday, but beautiful week ahead on the Suncoast

  A Cold Front is Coming

  FIRST ALERT WEATHER: All Good Things Must come to An End

  Great Start and Finish to the Weekend

Cold Front is Coming and Winds Are Going to Blow

  Next Cold Front Arrives On Tuesday Night

We’re High on the High Pressure

The Next Cold Front Brings The Rain and Cools Us Off

Cooler Weather Moving In

  Get Ready for A Blast of Cold This Week

Cool Front to Cool Us Down