Melissa Ratliff

Digital Content Manager
Sarasota, FL
Melissa Ratliff

Melissa hails from Kentucky where she worked at the NBC affiliate in Lexington (WLEX.)

She holds degrees from UK and UofL in English, French and Theatre. She spent time abroad teaching English and loves to travel whenever she can get away from the newsroom.

She also is a huge nerd and creates history content on TikTok for over a quarter million followers. She also hosts a history podcast in her limited spare time. She is a dog mom, a theatre kid and is always hungry (you don't have to ask).

Melissa is excited to be in the Suncoast and tell your stories. You might see her on the ABC7 live desk or on Top Clicks making bad puns. If you have good ideas for topics, reach out! Or if you see her in Publix, stop and say hi!

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