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  Chilly but dry weekend ahead

  Cold front moves in Friday with some rain

  Finally a little sunshine for Thursday

  Cloudy along with some showers Wednesday

  A series of fronts to keep things cool

  Bundle up this weekend as colder air settles in

  Cold front coming soon to the Suncoast

  Chilly start again on Wednesday

  Chilly start on Tuesday with another cold front later this week

  Chilly start Saturday but warmer weekend ahead

  The chill is on for Friday

  Tornado rips through Pinellas County

  Stronger cold front moves in late Wednesday

Slightly cooler and drier Tuesday

  Warm weekend ahead with highs near 80

  Warming up for the weekend

  Not as cold tonight and warmer weekend ahead

  Brrrrrrrr!.....A frosty forecast for parts of Suncoast

  A cold spell settles in for a couple of days

  Turning cooler for the weekend

  Warm up followed by another cold front

  Another cold start but a warmer finish Thursday

  The Florida chill is on

  Big changes coming our way after Holiday weekend

  Beautiful weather expected through Thanksgiving

A little cooler start for your Tuesday

  Weekend weather not as windy and warmer

  Warmer weather for the weekend

  Staying mild and dry for Thursday

  Grab the jackets as temperatures dip into the 50’s