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  Cold front to bring a chill to Suncoast this weekend

  Coldest night of the season with wind chills in the 20’s!

  A freeze possible Wednesday morning and wind chills in the 20s

  Weekend brings changes to Suncoast as cold front moves through

  Brrrrrrr..... Arctic air to visit Florida next week

  Fair weather for 1st day of 103rd Manatee County Fair

  Warm weather through the weekend and then the chill is on

  Record warmth possible through Wednesday

  Winter weather withers away and now get ready for mid 80’s

  Strong storm system to bring severe weather to deep South

  Hope you enjoyed Winter as temperatures soar back to the 80’s

  Cold front to keep things chilly Wednesday

  Bundle up weather in the morning on Tuesday with 40′s again

  A couple of cold fronts for Suncoast over next few days

  Cold front to bring some rain and cooler weather for weekend

Wrapping up the decade with some sunshine and cooler temps

  Warm, Wet, Windy Weekend...Severe Weather Possible

  Low pressure to develop in Gulf and bring changes this weekend

  The chill is on tonight with lows in 40′s and chills in the 30′s inland

  Windy Wednesday expected along with cooler weather

  Cold front to bring storms to Suncoast Tuesday

  Strong to severe storms possible Saturday morning

  Storm system to develop in the Gulf on Friday

  Chances of rain go up as the weekend approaches

  Cold front to bring changes to Suncoast on Wednesday

  Warm breezes with little chance for rain this work week

  Wonderful weather for the weekend expected

  Warmer weather is on the way this weekend

  Cool weather to stay through Thursday

  A cold start to your Tuesday as temperatures dip into the 40’s