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  Another cold front Sunday night

  Cold front to bring some changes for Friday

Zeta racing toward the Mid Atlantic coast

  Zeta getting better organized in the Gulf

Zeta becomes 11th hurricane of the season

  Breezy weekend ahead

  Tropics heating up again

  Warm but dry weather expected through Thursday

  Warm but dry weather for Tuesday

  Rain chances increase for the weekend

  Delta set to slam ashore into SW Louisiana

  Delta to regain major status again in Gulf

  Staying hot with fewer storms expected

  Wet weekend ahead due to tropical storm

  Tropical moisture to move in over the weekend

  Keeping an eye on the tropics

  Cold front still on track to move through Wednesday

  Cold front to bring Fall back to Suncoast

  Scattered storms for the weekend

  Heat and humidity are back for a while

  Rain chances going up for the weekend

  Nice cool and dry start on Wednesday

  Fall begins with falling temperatures and humidity

  Tropical storm Beta blocked from moving much

  Wilfred to develop in the SW Gulf on Friday

  Another tropical system possible in Gulf ?

  More clouds and rain in the forecast as Sally drifts NNE

  Greek alphabet a certainty as Vicky forms in the Atlantic

  Sally getting stronger just offshore of Suncoast

  First Alert Weather: Sally slightly stronger