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  Wonderful weather for the weekend expected

  Warmer weather is on the way this weekend

  Cool weather to stay through Thursday

  A cold start to your Tuesday as temperatures dip into the 40’s

  Fantastic Friday forecast as temperatures soar into the 80’s

  Beautiful weather is something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving

  Warm weather expected as we head into Thanksgiving day

  Chilly start to Tuesday and then warmer weather for the rest of the week

  A cold front will bring a change for the weekend

  Cold front to bring some changes over the weekend

  Some weekend rain possible as a cold front moves in

  Sweaters and jackets required Wednesday morning

  Sunshine returns to the Suncoast and sticks around a while

  Big chill for Suncoast this weekend

  Wet weather through Friday morning and a big chill for the weekend

  Storm system to bring showers and thunderstorms to the Suncoast

  Strong cold front to bring some rain and a slight chill to Suncoast

  Temperatures up and down like a roller coaster this week

  Finally fall comes to the Suncoast for the weekend

  Record warmth moving out and cooler weather moving in for the weekend

  Gets your jackets and sweaters ready winter like weather coming to Suncoast

  A couple of cold fronts are on the way to the Suncoast

  Near record breaking warmth returns to Suncoast

  Cold front to bring a bit of a chill to Suncoast

  Cold front to bring a bit of Fall to the Suncoast

  One more day of heat and then slightly cooler weather moves in

  Record heat again on Wednesday but cooler over the weekend

  Summer like pattern to continue with more record high temperatures possible

  May need the umbrella at times this weekend

Record warmth expected to continue on Friday as highs will reach into the 90’s