Athlete of the Week: Riverview High School’s Rachel Paule

WWSB ABC7 News at 11pm
Published: Sep. 5, 2023 at 5:45 PM EDT|Updated: Sep. 6, 2023 at 1:57 PM EDT
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SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - Soccer season is still months away from starting at high schools on the Suncoast, but that doesn’t mean players aren’t working on their game for the upcoming season.

One of those student-athletes is Riverview High School’s, Rachel Paule. She’s in the 11th grade, a member of the Lady Rams soccer team, an exceptional student and also a member of a travel team in Tampa.

For many this would be a lot, but Rachel says she loves this type of pressure.

“It’s definitely a challenge trying to balance club school, and academics and just my social life,” Paule says. “It’s kind of different but at the same time I’ve been doing this for so long that at this point it’s become routine.”

For the ones who have known Rachel since she came into the world, they are in amazement of what she can do. ““She wakes up everyday being able to practice before coming to class,” says Meilin Paule, Rachel’s mother. “She never makes an excuse about being tired. She’s always willing to go on and do her best.”

Although Rachel has aspirations of being a professional soccer player, her sister tells ABC7 she feels Rachel can do whatever she puts her mind to.

“Nothing is impossible,” says Lauren Paule, Rachel’s sister. “Especially coming from parents that were born in Cuba and that had to work hard for everything. She has to do that too and pave her own way. If you really want it. If you really have that desire to become great, then it’s possible.”

Rachel knows that all eyes are on her and she doesn’t take the responsibility of being a role model lightly.

“I just hope that they realize how important it is to be happy with yourself and what you do from a day-to day basis,” Rachel says. “Every time I go out on that field I put my heart out. It doesn’t matter if we’re losing, if we’re winning. Put your best foot forward and always be happy with what you do at the end of the day.”