911 call reveals deadly road rage shooter admits to firing weapon

The unnamed shooter cited self-defense his actions
WWSB ABC7 News at 6pm
Published: Jun. 9, 2023 at 3:04 PM EDT|Updated: Jun. 9, 2023 at 8:37 PM EDT
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SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - On May 13, an unnamed shooter told dispatchers he was the one who pulled the trigger in a deadly road rage incident.

ABC7 obtained the emotional 911 call.

It was a chaotic scene the night before Mother’s Day. In addition to admitting he fired the shot in the call, this person also said, “I have my conceal carry. I just shot someone who flashed a gun at me.”

ABC7 previously reported several drivers who witnessed the shooting made 911 calls too. In this recent call that Sarasota County Sheriff’s deputies released to ABC7, the shooter explains why he fired the shot.

He says, “I was in fear of my life.”

His unnamed girlfriend was behind the wheel.

“I had no choice,” he goes on to say.

The other driver, who allegedly pointed the gun first was dead behind the wheel, rolling down Fruitville Road.

The shooter stayed on scene according to deputy reports.

“His car still hasn’t stopped, so I think he passed away. But, I was in fear of my life. He pointed a gun at me and my girlfriend,” he says.

He goes on to say, “Old man, he’s mad ‘cuz’ we were black. We accidentally cut him off.”

Was this shooter truly acting in self defense? It’s hard to say.

Right now no one has been arrested.

Deputies confirming to ABC7 this road rage incident investigation is still open.

“It’s one thing if you open fire on someone, they are in their car, they fire back at you,” says former state prosecutor Felix Vega.

He has 16 years under his belt. He says there is a difference between self-defense and murder.

“You can assert Stand-Your-Ground. Whether a jury is going to buy it, or whether or not a judge, will take the case up and dismiss it,” he says, is to be determined.

Florida law protects use of deadly force if someone forces their way into your home or vehicle with intent to hurt or kill. ABC7 asked Vega whether or not this shooter justified in his actions.

He said. “If you point a gun, and someone responds by opening fire, again that’s up for debate.”

It’s still to decided if this unnamed shooter will face murder charges.

The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office is remaining tight-lipped as this investigation continues.