La’Tece Luther of Lincoln Middle helps kids grow up strong

La’Tece Luther is a teacher and coach in her hometown.
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Published: May. 18, 2023 at 11:19 AM EDT
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PALMETTO, Fla. (WWSB) - La’Tece Luther is right where she is supposed to be. She is a physical education teacher at Lincoln Middle School where she gets to teach kids from her hometown.

“I think that I understand their background and where they come from. I understand that some days aren’t going to be great. Maybe not getting enough sleep, things of that sort,” said Luther.

8th grader Jakyrin Smith says, “She is very caring and loving person. She helps you not only in the gym but classrooms. If you have a problem, she will talk to you.”

Not only is she a teacher, but she is also the head girls’ varsity basketball coach at Manatee High School. Every day she is pushing others to be their best.

“In season, I go from here straight to practice, but it’s my passion. I have always been around sports my whole entire life. I played softball in college and basketball in high school. I’m never going to be stagnant.”

Coach Luther always knew the path she wanted to take, because of her grandma.

“Growing up my grandma was in education, and she is the person that drove my passion to become a teacher. I remember when I was younger, I always used to line up my teddy bears and act like I was teaching them. They were my students. So, I have known for a while that this is what I want to do, and this is my passion.”

Her classes can be fun, but Coach Luther will also keep you in line, “I’m very strict. Don’t let my face fool you I’m very strict. I’m stern and I’m very big on discipline. But I think that kids need that, and I think that they respect that.”

Her graduating 8th graders will miss her next year. ”Oh, I’m going to miss her so much. Like I wish I could go to her high school you know I can’t but I’m going to miss her” says Jakyrin Smith.

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