InvestigateTV - Season 2; Episode 16

University hazing ending in 911 calls and death. Records from some of the biggest U.S. schools show many organizations get barely a slap on the wrist.
Published: Apr. 10, 2023 at 4:10 PM EDT
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This Week on InvestigateTV: University hazing ending in 9-1-1 calls and death. InvestigateTV’s Joce Sterman dug through records at some of the nation’s biggest schools. She found many organizations tied to hazing barely get a slap on the wrist. She also spoke to a victim’s family fighting to overhaul the pledging system. WHERE TO WATCH ICYMI – Watch last week’s episode.

Hazed & Excused: Hazing on college campuses claims a life – and injures or humiliates countless others - almost every year, yet government officials fail to enact strong laws to curb the problem. InvestigateTV analyzed state hazing laws across the country and found a patchwork of regulation that has done little to stop the annual campus rituals of abuse and humiliation. We also looked at confirmed cases at 33 schools where such reports are required to be public and found that fraternities account for the vast majority of cases. In one of the most heartbreaking and horrific stories of hazing, the parents of Penn State student Timothy Piazza talk about the death of their son during a fraternity pledging event and their advocacy to force more transparency around the issue. Piazza died in 2017. Others have followed his tragic fate.

Hazed and Excused: The Settlement: After the 2021 death of college student Stone Foltz, his parents pledged to end hazing for good. After reaching a historic multi-million-dollar settlement with Bowling Green State University just this month, the Foltzes are working on that promise – partnering in an education and reform effort with the university it sued, claiming the school was long aware of hazing activities in its Greek organizations, including the one where their son was given toxic amounts of alcohol that led to his death. Joce Sterman sits down with the Foltz family and their attorney as they call for an end to pledging altogether nationwide, something victim advocates and at least one major fraternity have said is necessary to stop the hundreds of injuries and deaths that result from hazing.

Student Betting: As sports gambling becomes legal in many states, age requirements restrict most high school and college students from betting – but they’re finding ways to place bets using underground, unregulated, and often off-shore betting sites. At some colleges, students act as bookies and help facilitate gambling rings with relatively bad odds. Some students are going into tremendous debt, and gambling experts say younger people are more likely to become addicted. Approximately 69% of college students nationwide bet on sports in the past year, according to the National Council on Problem Gaming. We explore the issue by speaking to students who have been involved with the gambling platforms specifically aimed at college students and experts who say this is a “perfect storm” of access and the rising popularity of sports betting.

Watching Your Wallet – College Scams: College acceptance letters are in the mail and the next step for high school seniors is planning to pay for the next four years. But before applying for scholarships or loans, consumer experts warn scammers are actively targeting students. Consumer Investigator Caresse Jackman has the details on the con and shares tips on how your student can stay safe in this Watching Your Wallet.