Two new abortion bills filed to Florida Legislature

If passed SB 300 would move the ban to after six weeks of pregnancy.
If passed SB 300 would move the ban to after six weeks of pregnancy.(wcjb)
Published: Mar. 11, 2023 at 11:16 PM EST
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SARASOTA, FLA. (WWSB) - Two new abortion bills filed to the Florida Legislature this Tuesday are facing controversy.

State Bill 300 focuses on the time frame of abortions and House Bill 7 stops the use of state funds for a person to travel to another state to get an abortion.

If passed State Bill 300 would move the ban to after six weeks of pregnancy.

The bill has exceptions until the 15th week if the pregnancy is due to rape or incest. The bill also prioritizes the life of the mother before the third trimester.

Governor Ron DeSantis spoke on the topic, stating, “I think those exceptions are sensible and as I said, we welcome pro-life legislation”.

Republican State Senator Kathleen Passidomo, is on DeSantis’s side for passing the new bill.

“I support the bill,” said Passidomo, “The biggest concern has always been the exception for rape and incest, fetal death, and the life of the mother. That is my number one priority and that’s why I support the bill.”

President Sarah Parker for Women’s Voices of South West Florida said it’s not just a bill and it shouldn’t be seen as a political game for one party or the other party to win.

“This doesn’t just affect people that are Democratic that can get pregnant,” said Parker. “This doesn’t just affect Republican women. This affects all of us. This affects anyone with the capacity to get pregnant, anyone that has a uterus and this is our bodily autonomy and you have a right to choose.”

Women’s Voices of SWFL are planning a march in the next couple of weeks.