Local students react to recent university shootings

One was killed and four more injured in a shooting at a FAMU basketball court Sunday afternoon.
One was killed and four more injured in a shooting at a FAMU basketball court Sunday afternoon.(WCTV)
Published: Nov. 28, 2022 at 7:06 PM EST
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SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - Following the shooting which killed one person and injuring four others at Florida A&M, students at University of South Florida- Sarasota/Manatee and New College of Florida are shocked it happened so close to home.

“We live in a sad world. I think that there’s a lot of improvement that needs to be done,” said USF- Sarasota/Manatee Junior Peighton Zook.

Zook said she feels terrible about the shooting. She said society needs to help stop issues like these by focusing on what she believes is the root of the problem- mental health.

“Mental health really needs to be something that people pay a lot more attention to than they do,” she said.

While the shooting is certainly an eye-opener, many students at both schools said they feel perfectly safe on campus.

New College of Florida Freshman Grayson Haynes said he walks around the campus at night quite often and never feels uneasy.

“Sometimes I walk over to the Bayfront at nighttime and I’ve never felt unsafe or weary or anything. I see campus security fairly often so I think they’re doing a pretty good job,” he said.

Both Haynes and Zook said the campus security team keeps them informed about what to do if there is an active shooter situation at their schools.

“It’s kind of similar to high school as far as the protocol. You should hide and not do anything to stand out of course,” said Haynes.

Zook added, “If something happens with security we get an email about it. They keep us updated and let us know what’s going on. I know that all of the staff here know what to do in case of some sort of an emergency.”

ABC7 reached out to the Chief of Police which presides over both schools about the training of their department in these situations, we are still waiting to hear back.

New College of Florida has this link on their website outlining what students should do if they encounter an active shooter situation.