Suncoast shoppers are getting hurricane ready

Grocery shopping tips that could help during inflation
Grocery shopping tips that could help during inflation(WTVM)
Published: Sep. 23, 2022 at 10:03 PM EDT
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SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - Shoppers across the Suncoast are stocking up on water and other essential supplies in case the tropical depression develops further. One Sarasota resident compared the upcoming storm to the empty shelves during COVID.

“This is going to be like round two of COVID when we didn’t have any toilet paper because a lot of northerners come down and it’s like oh no, we don’t know what to do in a hurricane,” said Joseph Clerfond.

Florida-born and raised residents like Clerfond are getting prepared but are not worried about the weather. It’s something everyone should be prepared for in case the worst happens but it usually doesn’t, said Sarasota resident Kenneth Bannister.

“It’s kind of hard to tell because you never know if it’s actually going to hit us or if it’s not going to hit us,” said Bannister. “It’s better to be prepared than not be prepared so if it does hit, you got what you need and if it doesn’t, you have a little extra.”

Bannister is a father of two and said he spent $400 on supplies to make sure he had enough to last his family days. He purchased meats and other items that can be easily cooked inside in the event of bad weather.

“Lots of water, toilet paper, napkins and things they can snack on and don’t have to cook all the time,” said Bannister.

On the other hand, Clerfond said he doesn’t start worrying or stocking up heavily until the storm is labelled as a category four hurricane.

“That’s when ill start buying stuff but then now it’s just like well should I be proactive and start buying water before,” said Clerfond.

ABC 7′s First Alert weather team recommends buying highly nutritious foods and drinks on top of the water and canned goods. They also recommended thinking about animals and how to get them prepared by buying extra food and cleaning supplies, especially in the event someone has to stay at a shelter.