LISTEN: 911 call reveals victim’s fear before deputy-involved shooting in Sarasota County

911 call of Deputy-involved shooting in Sarasota County
Published: Aug. 29, 2022 at 1:36 PM EDT
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SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - The recording of a 911 call reveals fear and anger in a victim’s voice before deputies shot and killed a man who had threatened her with a gun.

The incident happened the morning of Aug. 28 on Tarawa Drive in east Sarasota County.

The victim, whose identity has been protected in accordance with Marsy’s Law, called 911 to report her boyfriend was pointing a gun at her during an argument.

“It’s not right for him to point a gun at me,” the victim is heard telling the dispatcher. She was also heard talking to the gunman, “You can’t point a gun a somebody!”

“Touch me again and you’re going to jail,” she says.

According to Sarasota County Sheriff Kurt Hoffman, the woman said she awoke that morning to her boyfriend, 47-year-old Brian Underwood, holding a gun to her face.

As the victim hid in a back bedroom, deputies arrived on the scene and made contact with Underwood, asking him to come out of the house. Underwood originally denied the request and instead spoke with deputies by phone while looking at one another through a window of the house.

After making them believe he was unarmed, four deputies were invited to enter the home. Hoffman said deputies continuously asked him to keep his hands in the air as they entered. Underwood reached around to his back waistband and pulled out a semi-automatic firearm and chambered a round.

As the gunman raised his weapon two of the deputies fired multiple shots at Underwood, killing him.

Hoffman said deputies had been to Underwood’s residence before. Underwood also had a one prior arrest in Citrus County in 2014 for domestic battery.

No one else was injured.