15-year-old girl drives two wounded men to safety through Ukrainian battlefield

Published: May. 9, 2022 at 3:00 PM EDT
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(CNN) – A 15-year-old Ukrainian girl drove two wounded men through battlefields to safety, despite being injured and bleeding herself.

Anastasia is a courageous and defiant teenager who is now recovering from her injuries in Lviv after helping the two men.

“They came under fire,” she said.

As her hometown of Popasna was pummeled by Russian artillery, she wanted to help the wounded men get to a hospital.

“The help was urgently needed, so as not to lose a lot of blood,” she said.

So she picked up the car and got behind the wheel.

They made their way across a bridge, desperate to get to a hospital in Bakhmut.

“We have a bridge, and we had mines there in a checkerboard pattern,” Anastasia said. “There was no way to get through. But I somehow made it. And further along there was the corpse of a woman.”

Soon after, a burst of machinegun fire raked the car.

“I was driving the car and then the Russians fired on us,” Anastasia said. “When they started shooting, the car stopped and then I started the car again and drove on.”

She continued to drive, even though she was injured and bleeding. Time for them was running out.

She also said the car stalled because the battery was hit by a bullet.

Ukrainian soldiers then showed up to rescue Anastasia and the two passengers.

They are all now recovering, thanks to the courage of the teen girl.

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