Spring Break on the Suncoast

Spring Break on the Suncoast
Spring Break on the Suncoast(AP NEWSROOM)
Published: Mar. 4, 2022 at 10:31 PM EST
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SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - Julie Watson is one of scores of people flying into the Suncoast to take advantage of spring break on some of best beaches in America.

Just a few footsteps after her flight arrival at SRQ she tells ABC7′s James Hill her thoughts on her journey from Indianapolis, Indiana.

“Well, the first thing were going to do is go to the beach, So that’s what we came down here for. I come down here every year to go to the beach in Sarasota. Lido Beach!

Meanwhile, Stu Christensen and his family live in paradise but they have plans to spend spring break by flying out to Salt Lake City, Utah. “The amount of people that have moved here and come here for vacation is overwhelming. So for us on our vacation we like to go and do something different rather than go to the beach. We get the beach all year long and it gets a little crazy out there around spring break. So were going to go and enjoy some snow an cooler weather.”

Cooler weather he and his family will enjoy gliding down the ski slopes in Park City, Utah.

With increased volume of travelers going through the ticket counter, security check points, and boarding airplanes the SRQ President and CEO Rick Piccolo says he’s impressed with the growth of the airport.

“This past year we rebounded better than any airport in the world. We went up 150 percent, and then the first month of 2022 in January we were up 139 percent overall an 155 percent year so we continue to be one of the fastest growing airports if not the fastest growing airport in the world.

According to SRQ’s airport management the federal mask mandate is still active inside the terminal thru at least March 18th.

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