Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office squashing rumors about horse

Credit: Sarasota County Sheriff's Office
Credit: Sarasota County Sheriff's Office(Sarasota County Sheriff's Office)
Published: Jan. 27, 2022 at 3:50 PM EST
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SARASOTA COUNTY, Fla. (WWSB) - The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office is squashing rumors about a horse that lives in a pasture along Fruitville Road.

Photos and videos of the horse surfaced online, causing the animal’s owner and the landowner to receive “unwarranted scrutiny and criticism.”

According to the sheriff’s office, they received information on the horse back in October of 2021. When they did, they contacted the owner and an equine veterinarian. That veterinarian performed a complete exam and found that the horse suffers from chronic sunburn. The vet said this will likely not improve, even with treatment.

The vet also said the horse is a 5+ on the Body Condition Score Scale, with one being emaciated and nine being obese. Five to six is the ideal weight and the sheriff’s office said the horse has sufficient food, water, shelter, and care.

The sheriff’s office has received recent complaints that claim the horse “must be lonely” and stands up against a fence looking for companionship. “We can share with you that the horse is a working horse for moving cattle, and our Agricultural Unit has been very involved and engaged with the care he is receiving for his sunburn.”

The sheriff’s office went on to say:

“We understand the passion many of us have for animals, but after social media posts have appeared indicating people are threatening to ‘steal the horse to save it,’ we thought it best to do some rumor control. All is well and our agency will remain engaged, as we are with several others in our agricultural community, to ensure the wellbeing of Sarasota County’s animals.”

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