A Wakulla County community wraps their arms around a Leon County family for Christmas

Young child accepts a stuffed animal donated to her by the Wakulla County Community.
Young child accepts a stuffed animal donated to her by the Wakulla County Community.(Deanna Sutcliffe)
Published: Dec. 24, 2021 at 10:01 PM EST
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - Giving a helping hand.

A whole community of Wakulla County residents wrapped their arms around a Tallahassee family that needed financial help.

Delivering a Christmas this family may never forget.

After Richard Sutcliffe finished fixing a refrigerator at a house in Leon County, he told his wife Deanna about what he saw and it shocked her.

“when he walked in he noticed there was nothing in there. And he said it looks like there is no hope you know the kids were you know just didn’t have anything and it was a shell of a house,” shared Wakulla County resident Deanna Sutcliffe.

She immediately knew she had to do something and took action by posting on Facebook.

“I posted it on my Wakulla page and I got immediate responses you know people would give gifts, they went shopping for this family,” explained Sutcliffe. “They did just over and beyond what I expected from my Wakulla family.”

So Sutcliffe collected the gifts and delivered it to the family of five, who seemed extremely grateful.

“And believe me when I say that these babies were excited about getting what we brought them,” described Sutcliffe. “They were ecstatic, I mean the smiles on their faces were just, it was priceless.”

A moment of joy explained by Sutcliffe that she feels every child deserves.

“These are just little kids and all little kids deserve Christmas and all little kids deserve to believe in something and I’m hoping that what we did will make them always remember us,” wished Sutcliffe.

The community actions show as proof that one kind gesture can mean wonders for someone else.

“And we care about our families and our children and the happiness of others and we go out of our way to make something happen,” shared Sutcliffe. “When there was nothing, now there’s something.”

Sutcliffe says they were able to deliver toys, food, furniture, a Christmas tree and gift cards to the single mom and four kids to have a very Merry Christmas.

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