Members of K-Pop supergroup BTS speak with ABC7 about fighting Asian discrimination

ABC7 News at 11pm
Published: Dec. 24, 2021 at 3:38 PM EST
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(WWSB) - With hate crimes against Asians at an all time high, even the biggest pop stars in the world still face discrimination. Members of K-pop supergroup BTS spoke with ABC7′s Nerissa Lamison about the challenges they still face.

The members have had to rise above acts of Asian hate, even with a huge fan base. The Asian American Pacific Island Equity Alliance has reported over 10,000 acts of hate against Asians since the beginning of the pandemic.

It’s something the members of BTS hope to combat with their popularity, but they sadly say they have been on the receiving end of prejudice.

RM, one of the group’s most popular members told ABC7 that it’s not always an easy task, “We feel very heavy and responsible. As Asians for the past year, our path all over the world....sometimes we truly felt the walls and the walls can be always described as words. Sometimes it’s visible. Sometimes it’s really invisible and sensitive.”

When asked how he hoped to combat the prejudice, RM said, “When we talk about Asian hate, our path are these awards and our music. We just hope this can help every Asian in the world.”

It’s the type of Asian empowerment IJ Thomas had in mind when he created “The Book of Dreamers: 88 Stories of Inspiring Asians in America.”

“It’s important to know more than just Asian movie stars, singers and athletes,” explained Thomas.

Representation in the Asian community, Thomas said is more important than ever.

“The hate starts out with ignorance so hopefully the education that people will get from this book the stories that they’ll receive and take in will soften that Asian Hate that we’re seeing today,” said Thomas.

It’s a big responsibility, but the stars of BTS are working for acceptance for all.

“If there is something we can help or that we could be giving consolations we are always open … We will stop the discrimination and racism. Thank you for asking the question,” BTS star RM told ABC7.

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