No Shave November helping those with Kidney Cancer

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Published: Nov. 12, 2021 at 6:27 PM EST
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SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - One in 46 men will be diagnosed with kidney cancer in their lifetime. For women, it’s about one out of 80. The typical age for someone to be diagnosed with kidney cancer is 64. It’s fairly uncommon for those under the age of 45, which is why Bruce Hill’s case is quite a unique one.

Bruce Hill is the father of two children, a husband with a good job, and a good home. All of a sudden, his outlook of the potential length of life had just gotten very short.

He came up with anemia in a routine blood test, something quite uncommon for a male like himself. He was put on an iron supplement to boost his hemoglobin and it worked. It all looked like he was in the clear, then fast forward two years later.

“In early 2017, we went on a family trip to the western mountains ranges and did a bunch of hiking out there. Utah, Colorado, those areas, and I was really having a hard time keeping up just with my family, and just catching my breath. You can blame the altitude but it was more than that because I was in good shape,” Bruce Hill explained.

He developed night sweats and pains so his doctor ordered for him to get a CAT scan and an MRI.

“In May of 2017, I got a phone call I need to see you today. The doctor said there’s a large mass on your right kidney, most likely it is cancerous and there are several spots in your lungs. That means it has metastasized to my lung making it stage four. Stage four often sounds like it’s the kiss of death. It really just means it has escaped the original tumor and has spread somewhere else in the body,” Hill explained.

So the doctors decided to remove his kidney as it was a common practice at the time. Later, he went under an immunotherapy combination for the returning pop up cells. New practices and treatments have continued to emerge thanks to the push for research by organizations like the Kidney Cancer Association.

Hill explained, ”There have been many developments in the treatment of kidney cancer.”

Today, Hill is feeling great and back to his healthy self and has been disease-free for a couple of years.

The Kidney Cancer Center puts a lot of effort into not only developing resources and guides for cancer patients but also providing liaisons for those patients and families so they can be supported through the process. They have had a large part in the push for groundbreaking research which has been quite successful as more treatments are now available. You can learn more about the Kidney Cancer Association on their website.

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