Complaint filed against Venice chiropractor signing medical exemptions for students

Complaint filed against Venice chiropractor Dr. Dan Busch.
Complaint filed against Venice chiropractor Dr. Dan Busch.(WWSB)
Published: Sep. 2, 2021 at 9:37 PM EDT
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SARASOTA COUNTY, Fla. (WWSB) - A Suncoast healthcare professional and grandparent has filed a formal complaint against a Venice chiropractor, saying signing hundreds of medical exemption forms to allow students to not wear masks in school is outside the scope of his license.

“In order to make a decision like that, patients need to be under their (doctor’s) care,” said Janet Bryan. “They need to be evaluated, they need to be seen with a chiropractic condition.”

Bryan said she filed the complaint with the Florida Department of Health, which issues state licenses to healthcare professionals, including chiropractors.

Busch has signed hundreds of medical exemption forms for students in the Sarasota County School District. His lawyer, Bryan Kessler, says all of the exemption forms that were signed are legitimate, even as he told ABC7 that the school district has rejected every form signed by Busch.

“As long as they stay within that scope of their practice, they are able to diagnose issues associated with the body that may have otherwise a negative impact on a child’s system,” said Kessler. “That would warrant an exemption from the mask mandate.”

The school district has since amended it’s exemption form, to clarify only medical doctors, osteopathic physicians and advanced nurse practitioners can sign them.

Bryan provided ABC7 with a copy of her letter to the Department of Health. In it, she alleges many parents showed up at Busch’s office without their children and still received signed forms. “There would be no knowledge and training to diagnose the patient with illness that would need an exemption. Most pediatricians have refused to give these waivers to protect them in our public health emergency except for an extremely rare instance when it is truly warranted,” she wrote.

She also says Busch has not produced chiropractic records “showing diagnosis and the need for exemption or even for a chiropractic need.”

Bryan says Busch’s actions need to be investigated. “He’s not directly treating these conditions and he should have referred them back to a specialist that are treating those individuals for those conditions,” she said.

Kessler dismissed Bryan’s concerns. “It’s very hard for somebody standing on the outside to say whether or not Dr. Busch was practicing within his scope, as a licensed chiropractic physician without actually being there,” he said.

Meanwhile, Busch is not deterred, saying he is planning an event Sept. 11 where several medical doctors will sign the new forms for parents who do not want their children to follow the school mask mandate.

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