Wild pigs causing headaches for some Sarasota County residents

Wild pigs wreaking havoc in parts of Sarasota County.
Wild pigs wreaking havoc in parts of Sarasota County.(WWSB)
Published: Jul. 21, 2021 at 8:55 PM EDT
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SARASOTA COUNTY, Fla. (WWSB) - Some residents who have had to deal with wild pigs recently say their perfectly manicured lawns have turned into a mess.

“One morning I came out to the pool area and noticed that a part of the yard had been all dug up, so I was quite surprised,” said Leone Lehman, a North Port resident who lives on Shawnee Terrace.

Lehman’s North Port yard was all beat up. Her husband says wild pigs similar to the ones seen in Lakewood Ranch are to blame.

“It was worse than it is right now,” said Terry Lydon. “The next night they returned, the next night they didn’t, the third night they returned and now it’s about 1,600 square feet of lawn damage.”

The North Port Estates area isn’t the only part of Sarasota County seeing these issues. Residents in The Isles in Sarasota say this has been a problem in their neighborhood for months, causing some big headaches.

“They just leave a mess behind, chew it up,” said Amoret Tully, a resident of The Isles. “The ground is just ruined, it’s up in mounds.”

FWC says we are seeing more wild pig activity lately because of all the rain. Residents believe it’s because of all the construction pushing these animals away. On private land, FWC says wild pigs can be hunted or trapped.

“We hope they don’t come into the area again, but we’re not expecting them to go away,” said Lehman.

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