Suncoast residents dealing with lack of available fuel at local stations

Many gas stations out of fuel on the Suncoast.
Many gas stations out of fuel on the Suncoast.(WWSB)
Updated: May. 13, 2021 at 10:32 PM EDT
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SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - Many gas stations on the Suncoast are still having supply issues even though about 90% of the gas in Florida comes through the ports, not pipelines, so there should be no problems.

”I just feel like it’s people freaking out when they shouldn’t,” said James Haag, a Sarasota resident.

That’s the main reason we are seeing a lot of gas stations without any fuel. People are panicking and stocking up on gas, leaving not enough for others.

“It’s frustrating because I keep hearing that there shouldn’t be a shortage,” said Paul Correia, a Suncoast resident who was searching for gas. “The line went down and most of the gas in Florida doesn’t come from the line, it comes in by truck or it comes in through the port, so we shouldn’t be having a shortage -- it’s panic buying.”

About half of the gas stations ABC7 checked in with on the Suncoast were out of fuel, while others had plenty of gas. Some had only ultra or diesel fuel. A few of the gas station employees say they aren’t sure when their next supply of gas will be coming in.

“Just be calm, be patient with one another,” said Matt Nasworthy, a spokesperson for AAA Florida. “But most importantly just try to educate yourselves what the problem is, what area it affects, and don’t base your behavior on something that’s happening in other parts of the country and not concerning you.”

AAA says it’ll still take another day or two before things get back to normal.

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