Teen Aircraft Factory rode high Saturday with their new hand-made airplane

Teens take two years to create an aircraft from scratch, made to FAA standards
Teen Aircraft Factory builds third flying plane
Teen Aircraft Factory builds third flying plane(WWSB)
Updated: May. 9, 2021 at 8:55 AM EDT
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SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - While some youngster’s spent their Saturday outdoors, the Teen Aircraft Factory of Manasota spent theirs in the air, riding on a plane they built themselves.

Two years in the making, the Teen Aircraft Factory is taking off in a brand new kit airplane that they built by hand.

Building an aircraft from scratch is no easy task, but these teens are up for the challenge. They’re learning critical STEM skills, in addition to discipline, team building and using real tools to build an Van’s RV-12 a, two-seat, single-engine aircraft, designed to be built from a kit.

“When we open the box it’s just a bunch of sheet metal. We have to start preparing the metal, making the bends and creating a complete aircraft out of it. We mount the engine, and get it ready for flight,” said Teen Aircraft Factory’s Ric Romanoff.

Andrew Kharab is one of the teens in the group and helped build the aircraft. “I started from unpacking it from the boxes to putting the engine on, I did from beginning to end. I’m extremely excited,” said Kharab.

And just like normal flights they wait for clearance before taxing to the runway, and then they’re off! The group will be building their fourth plane starting in June.

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