City of Sarasota hopes roundabouts improve safety

Roundabouts along US-41

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - Not too long ago, the City of Sarasota was one of the most dangerous places for pedestrians to walk in the country. Now, city officials are trying to install roundabouts to mitigate some of that danger.

“They eliminate that left-hand turning maneuver, which is often how we get those t-bone crashes,” Sarasota Transportation Planner Colleen McGue said. “Which are the most dangerous, and most likely to cause serious injuries or fatalities.”

A new construction project is underway for a third roundabout along US-41. Drivers on the road have mixed feelings about them - some love them, some think they’re ridiculous.

“You can tell maybe that some people are not used to them yet. So they’re not really sure how to navigate them. But I think that just comes with time,” driver Scott Williamson said.

The City of Sarasota Police are asking that people be aware of the rules of the roundabout, and to commit to a lane before entering the roundabout, not while inside it.

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