Gov. DeSantis comes out swinging against ’60 Minutes’

Gov. DeSantis comes out swinging against ’60 Minutes’
Gov. Ron DeSantis talked about the 60 minutes piece accusing him of corruption with vaccines. (Source: WWSB)

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WWSB) - Gov. Ron DeSantis held a news conference Wednesday to blast the controversial “60 Minutes” report that alleged that the governor and Publix had reached an exclusive deal to distribute vaccines. Publix had also donated $100,000 to the governor’s reelection campaign.

The message from DeSantis and Emergency Manager Jared Moskowitz was clear. Correlation does not imply causation.

Moskowitz also tweeted that the story was “bull***.”

DeSantis said that quotes were manipulated and gave a slide presentation on how vaccines were distributed within West Palm Beach. Discussions with other organizations and pharmacies had begun around Jan 5, DeSantis pointed out.

Addressing the show directly, “Why do you edit me out? I’m giving you the information, no one said anything I said in that press conference is inaccurate.”

He also added that the reporters has been in Florida for three months and all they came up with was “a half-baked conspiracy.”

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