Evacuations end for Piney Point but Buckeye Rd still closed

Evacuations end for Piney Point but Buckeye Rd still closed
Water levels at the leaking Piney Point reservoir see Tuesday, April 6, have gone down since yesterday (Source: Manatee County)

MANATEE CO, Fla. (WWSB) - In an update, Manatee County officials say that the mandatory evacuations have now ended and residents may now return to their homes.

Earlier today US 41 was reopened and now all but part of Buckeye Rd will open up. Additionally, all businesses can reopen in the old evacuation zone. Officials now say that they believe that the risk has been mitigated and they feel it is safe for people to return.

Officials say they have stopped the uncontrolled release of water and are happy with the way the controlled release is going. There are about 33 million gallons of water being pumped out with a total of 29 pumps.

The Department of Emergency Management says they are hopeful to have a remote-controlled underwater vehicle (ROV) to help find the leaks at the bottom and patch any leaks it finds. Additionally, officials are bringing in more state workers and contractors to utilize drones and other technology to continue to maintain a controlled release of water.

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