Manatee County diverted 11K vaccines to the state

Manatee County diverting 11,000 vaccines to the state

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - The Manatee County Department of Health has decided to redirect 11,000 first doses of COVID-19 vaccines.

This comes as the eligible age to receive a COVID-19 vaccine is set to expand to all adults on Monday, April 5.

They are citing low demand as the reason for diverting the vaccines to the rest of the state.

“We have such a low number of people waiting in the pool,” said Chloe Conboy with Manatee County Public Safety. “We don’t have a problem with the state diverting 11,000 vaccine doses, and we’d rather see them go to counties with more desperate need of them.”

They have started scheduling vaccine appointments on the weekend, and those will start on April 10.

One Bradenton resident says the vaccine doses being diverted back doesn’t really bother her.

“As long as there’s vaccinations for everyone, we feel comfortable about it,” said Faith Lanphar. “And now it’s at the point where the younger generation can receive theirs.”

Last month, the county’s Department of Health issued a statement saying they had more vaccines than people who wanted them. And it’s culminated in them turning down this week’s shipment of 11,000.

The county did accept 11,000 second doses of the vaccine as part of this shipment. They say they can request doses from the state if they ever do need them.

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