Venice paramedics providing COVID-19 vaccines for homebound residents

Vaccines for homebound residents in Venice

VENICE, Fla. (WWSB) - Venice residents who cannot get out of their homes are now able to get the COVID vaccine without stepping outside. The City of Venice was selected by the state to take part of a pilot program to administer the vaccine for anyone who is homebound.

“I may be able to see my grandkids,” said Norman Guy.

He and his wife, Linda, received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine on Wednesday, and they didn’t have to leave the comfort of their own home.

“It didn’t hurt, for one thing,” he said.

Linda has cancer and getting her to a vaccination site was out of the question. The couple called the Venice Fire Department for help, thanks to a new program.

“We’re going around to people’s homes and giving them vaccines to those who are homebound,” said Venice EMS Division Chief Nathan McManus.

Right now, his department is administering about 20 doses a day.

“We’re doing it about three days consecutively every week so we’re doing 60 doses a week right now,” said McManus. “Depending on our demand and depending on our staffing, we could give more during the week.”

They’re also working with local leaders, including churches, to identify who is homebound in the community, so no one gets left behind.

“We’ve received many compliments from the community even from paramedics that go out and administer the vaccine,” he said.

And for residents like Norman and Linda, it’s a chance to hopefully hug their grandkids again.

“They’re waiting for us to get the vaccination so they can fly out here,” said Norman.

To get the vaccine at home, you can call the main administration number at 941-480-3030.

Paramedics are only vaccinating homebound residents within city limits. Also, anyone who is homebound and under the age of 65 qualify for the program.

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