Crazy police chase caught on camera in Miami Beach

Crazy police chase caught on camera in Miami Beach
A stolen car led police in Miami Beach on a dangerous chase. (Source: WWSB)

MIAMI, Fla. (WWSB) - A crazy police chase in Miami captured pedestrians dodging a driver as he fled from officers in a stolen vehicle.

According to Miami Beach Police, the driver of the stolen car was arrested following the chase. The vehicle initially fled from officers during an attempted stop and then struck an officer who was uninjured.

Several occupants bailed from the vehicle and were detained, two others remain at large. Officials say the driver continued fleeing from officers. This driver attempted to strike another motorman with his vehicle but was unsuccessful.

He made his way onto closed Ocean Drive by hopping a sidewalk and entering through the park. The emergency sirens of the police car following the stolen car alerted pedestrians and cyclists of the incoming danger and possibly prevented injury. A weapon was also located inside the car.

The 15-year-old driver now faces several felony charges. You can watch the video of the chase below:

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