Wallenda’s Daredevil Rally returns

Nik Wallenda's Daredevil Rally Returns

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) -Volcanoes, waterfalls, downtown high rises, you name it and our hometown daredevil Nik Wallenda has likely walked across it, on a high-wire. The Suncoast’s own Nik Wallenda has become an icon, across the globe, for his heart racing high wire and daredevil events. Now he is bringing his show back to his hometown, once again.

His second Daredevil Rally Drive-In Show will feature Wallenda and his wife along with FMX freestyle jumpers, BMX riders and many other nerve pushing performances. Nik Wallenda spoke about his family values and why he gets on the high wire the first place. Wallenda stated they are, “showing the world that nothing is impossible. We really do try to encourage people to not overthink things but also to let people now that you’re in control of your mind, your mind is not in control of you. I talk about that a lot in my latest book facing fear.” Wallenda hopes to encourage and inspire others that if he can walk across a wire un-tethered then they can face their dreams and they will come true too.

The show is set to take place February 26-28 and again on March 4-7th. For more information and tickets for the event you can click here to go to the Daredevil Rally website.

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