‘He didn’t die alone’: Man found in snow with dog guarding him

FOREST HILL, Calif. (CNN) - A California man died after being lost in the snow, and his loyal dog stayed with him until sheriff’s deputies arrived.

“He didn’t die alone,” Shona Deshon said. “He didn’t die alone at all.”

Shona Deshon’s father, 69-year-old David Deshon, was found two days after he was reported missing near his home. She believes his car got stuck and he tried to hike home.

“He tried to hike up 200 feet that way, but I guess decided no and came back and went down the road and hiked up the hill,” Deshon said.

Deputies found his body in the snow 100 yards from a neighbor’s home. David’s dog, Baby Dog, was found next to him. Deshon said Baby Dog stayed on his chest to keep him warm.

“The dog would not let the rescuers, the sheriff, anybody near my dad. So they had to go get a gentleman who lives on the property that knows Baby Dog, so they can go get my dad and bring him to me,” Deshon said.

David’s other dog, Buddy, was picked up at a neighbor’s home.

Both were taken to an animal services facility where Buddy is being treated with antibiotics. Baby Dog is still in shock from the experience and suffering from a broken heart.

While she plans on taking in Baby Dog, she can’t take both dogs and is looking to rehome Buddy.

“I just feel like I need to take Baby Dog because he is part of my dad now,” Deshon said.

Deshon is thankful for everyone who helped bring the dogs and her father home.

“I got to tell my dad goodbye and that I loved him, and kissed him,” she said.

Buddy will be available for adoption once he’s off antibiotics.

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