New Beach Clean Up Program Comes To Longboat Key

Beach Clean Up Program

LONGBOAT KEY, Fla. (WWSB) - Tourist from all over the world and residents of the Suncoast flock to our local beaches to enjoy the white sands and the aqua green water. However, as more visitors come to our beaches, there has been an increase in garbage and debris left behind. Residents in the upper north end of Longboat Key have become quite disappointed in the lack of care for keeping the beaches clean. This led a group of those residents to create a pilot program where they plan to walk the shore and clean up left behind garbage and debris.

Longboat Key resident Cyndi Seamon expressed her concern over this issue and explains their plan to fix it. “When the beaches started getting busier in the last couple of years, we ended up with just more stuff than we had in the past and those of us who live here were really discouraged that our beaches were getting dirtier. One of the things that we have all seen is wildlife being entangled in trash, so that trash that is on the beach does end up in the water.” Seamon goes on to explain about the program, “We have these wonderful rag bags that we are getting from Manatee County and what we were asking for people to do is to drive the trash home. If you have things you’re bringing with you to the beach, ideally just take it home with you and put it in your trash or put it in your recycling bins that you have. If you want to throw away trash as you go off the beach there are trash cans at every beach access and you can certainly use those”

The groups of beach cleaners are planning on starting their project this weekend and want to complete at least 3 months of cleaning. If you would like to get involved or help clean up Longboat Key, you can reach out by emailing

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