Lakewood Ranch man remembers his good friend Hank Aaron

Lakewood Ranch man remembers his good friend Hank Aaron
Hank Aaron remembered by Lakewood Ranch friend. (Source: WWSB)

LAKEWOOD RANCH, Fla. (WWSB) - Dr. Willie Clemons remembering his good friend Hank Aaron following his death on Friday. The Lakewood Ranch man says he had known Aaron since high school. It was tough for Clemons to hear the news of this great loss.

“Devastation, Hank is a friend of long-standing, not only a friend but a mentor, and we are from the same hometown of Mobile, Alabama,” said Clemons.

Clemons says not only was Hank Aaron a legend on the baseball field, he was also an amazing human being off the field.

“Hank has always exhibited the values of being very humble, giving, forgiving, trusting and loving,” said Clemons. Those were the characteristics of what he really was.

Clemons tells ABC7 that he talked with Aaron recently. Aaron told Clemons he was going to help him with the work he was doing at a local school.

“He knew that I had known that I had hitched my wagon to Visible Men Academy here in Sarasota and he called to say that he had contributed to the school and to the cause” said Clemons. “But he also said I will lend my name to support whatever initiative there is, that’s the kind of person that he was.”

Hank Aaron was 86.

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