New drive-thru COVID vaccination site opens at Twin Lakes Park in Sarasota

New drive-thru COVID vaccination site opens at Twin Lakes Park in Sarasota
Drive-thru COVID vaccination site opens in Sarasota. (Source: WWSB)

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - Sarasota County health officials say their new drive-thru vaccination site at Twin Lakes Park in Sarasota went well. 1100 vaccine shots were administered on Thursday. 1800 more will be given out on Friday.

“It is a lot more resource intensive to do a drive-thru, we did it out here so we could test it out, see how it would work,” said Chuck Henry, Health Officer for the Sarasota County Health Department. “I’m not certain that we’re going to stay here, we’re looking around at other options throughout the community.”

People who received the shot at this drive-thru site say the entire process was very smooth from beginning to end.

“It’s the staff, the process, it’s very easy,” said Levent Bozkurt, a Sarasota resident. “Everything is well explained, well done and I will say it’s outstanding.”

For people who want to get a vaccine shot in Sarasota County, you do have to register for your drive-thru appointment. The county has set up a new registration system and call center which they say makes it easier and more convenient to set up an appointment.

“As each person signs up within the system, it identifies how they want to be notified,” said Rich Collins, Emergency Services Director for Sarasota County. “So if somebody asks to be notified by text, followed by a phone call, followed by an email, that’s how that’ll happen. They’ll initially get the text or phone or email, however they want that to come in.”

Sarasota County will continue to receive more vaccines next week and set up more vaccine appointments in the coming days. To make an appointment for your vaccine shot in Sarasota County you can click on this link

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