Ride accident reported at Manatee County Fair

Manatee County Fair Ride Accident

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - Marylola Hepp slipped out of the Ring-of-Fire at the Manatee County Fair, now she’s warning others about the potential dangers of carnival rides.

Hepp was attending the fair with her nephew last Saturday. She said while on the gravity disk called the Ring-of-Fire, that spins guests in a vertical circle, she fell out of her seat at the top of the ride and hit the plexiglass roof of her cart.

“We are under the impression that when we go on these rides, everything is inspected and everything is good,” Hepp said. “I couldn’t even tell you all that I was screaming.”

Hepp said she continued to scream to stop the ride but continued to get pinned between the roof and the seat until a bystander on the ground told the attendant someone needed help. Management at the Manatee County Fair said they performed an immediate investigation.

“We take the safety of our guests very seriously,” said Danny Alphonso, Park Manager. “The ride was inspected by a NARSO certified inspector as well as the state, and there has been no deficiencies found with that ride.”

As of today, there has not been any reconciliation between the two parties since the incident. Hepp said they aren’t worried about her safety but losing park attendance.

“They need to be more empathetic about who this is happening to,” Hepp said. “People are getting hurt, just because we didn’t die ourselves doesn’t, mean this isn’t bad. My nephew is traumatized and cries anytime some talks about it.”

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