An eventful inauguration awaits

From Sunrise to Sunset, soon-to-be President Biden will have a busy first day, Trump leaves White House in less than 24 hours
President Trump and Joe Biden
President Trump and Joe Biden(CNN)
Updated: Jan. 19, 2021 at 11:21 AM EST
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WASHINGTON, DC. (WWSB) - January 20th will very much be a jam-packed schedule for the outgoing President and incoming President, even if they both don’t meet up with each other.

For President Trump, he will be making his way out of the White House much earlier than other outgoing President’s usually go right after the incoming President’s oath. He is expected to leave at 8am to host a “farewell ceremony” at Joint Base Andrews with guests allowed to enter the area between 6-7:15am. He will then depart on Air Force One, which at that time he will still have the ownership of until 12pm. He will then take the trip to Mar-A-Lago, where his future plans in life are unknown.

President-Elect Biden’s day will first start out already in the DC area, after his planned trip from Delaware to DC was nixed after security concerns. Biden will possibly be staying at the Blair House, nearby the White House. President Trump approved the usage. This is a tradition that President-Elects usually start their Inaugural days, also having a private breakfast with family and friends. Then he will take a visit to St. Matthews Cathedral, with the addition of all Senate and House leadership from both sides, McConnell, Schumer, Pelosi and McCarthy will also join. Usually after, the tradition is to take a trip to the White House to meet with the outgoing President, but of course won’t happen that way. It is expected Biden does visit the White House, but will meet the Chief Usher.

The trip from the White House to the Capital then happens, and eventually Biden will make his way to the balcony of the Capital, take his oath at noon, give an Inaugural Address, sign the first executive orders, watch the Pass and Review and at that point would see the outgoing President get onto Marine One and make their way to Joint Base Andrews, then Air Force One to their respective home state. Otherwise, President Biden will then make a trip to Arlington National Cemetery to do the wreath laying at the Tomb of the Unknown Solider. A Presidential escort will go from Arlington to the White House, which at the same time the “Virtual Parade across America” will air near 3:15pm. Late in the night at 8pm, the Celebrating America Primetime Special will air, featuring many actors and singers celebrating the new administration.

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