IHME model shows COVID-19 currently hitting its peak

Brand new data shows the world is currently projecting 3,298,676.52 people are infected with the disease
COVID IS PEAKING NOW(Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation)
Published: Jan. 16, 2021 at 4:45 AM EST
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SEATTLE, Wa.- After multiple weeks of not issuing new data due to the holidays, the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) has released its projections in a variety of categories, including daily deaths, hospital bed/ICU usage, daily infections, mask usage and social distancing. In this article, we’ll just focus on those currently infected daily, but you can see much more of the data here.

Specifically, they say that they estimated 3,360,295 people were infected all at once on January 4th, currently now on a downturn of 3,298,676.52.

In North America in its entirety, it will reach its peak January 18th at 710,781.62.

The United States will see a peak the same day at 687,457.1.

Lastly, Florida will see its peak a week later, on January 24, with a total of 29,516.75.

The world, North America and the United States will see a steep downward turn of all the figures, due to the fact of the new Biden Administration and the 100 Day Mask Executive Order that will be in place. Florida, however, will see a smoother drop. By April 30th, the final day of the masking order, only 754 infections could be on the radar here in Florida, as long as a “universal masks” are in place.

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