Social media giants to hand Biden/Harris @POTUS, @VP handle, includes new additions

The “peaceful transition of social media power” will come at 12:01pm, January 20th
Joe and Jill Biden share a Thanksgiving message on social media.
Joe and Jill Biden share a Thanksgiving message on social media.
Updated: Jan. 15, 2021 at 7:12 AM EST
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WASHINGTON, DC- Social media giants Facebook and, more exclusively Twitter, announced Thursday in a press release that the @WhiteHouse, @POTUS, @VP, @FLOTUS and @PressSec handles will transition over as Joe Biden’s oath of office is underway on January 20th at 12:01pm. At that time, all handles will start fresh and change over from the Trump Administration to the Biden Administration.

On Thursday, the new handles were released prior to the transition on January 20th. President-Elect Biden notified those on Twitter that “until then, I’ll be using @JoeBiden”, but is unclear if he will continue to use his original 14 year old account on a daily basis.

The following social media handles currently are as follows:

@PresElectBiden will become @POTUS

@SenKamalaHarris will become @VP

@FLOTUSBiden will become @FLOTUS

@Transition46 will become the @WhiteHouse

The brand new @SecondGentleman handle is up and running, and

@PressSecPsaki will have the @PressSec handle

During that time, the National Archives and Records Administration will archive President Trump’s current accounts with a “45” at the end to show they are archived

As the transition happens, Twitter will send an in in-app alert to tell those that the transition is happening, and suggests you follow the new Biden Administration accounts.

Twitter will have more #Inauguration2021 information on their @TwitterGov, @Policy and @TwitterMoments accounts. Facebook has suggested little in the regard of archival purposes.


You can watch the Inauguration of Joe Biden live all day on ABC7 Sarasota, or on the official @JCCIC and @BidenInaugural pages via Twitter.

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