Lottery Jackpot Frenzy

Soaring Lottery Jackpot

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - With Tuesday nights MEGA MILLIONS jackpot soaring to six hundred twenty-five million dollars, local residents are flocking to gas stations and supermarkets with the hopes that they can snatch that golden ticket. However, if they are not the lucky one, they still have a chances at Wednesday’s POWERBALL jackpot, which stands at five hundred fifty million.

The chances of winning the jackpot are a mere 1 in 292,201,338; however, there is a higher chance at winning smaller prizes if you match one or more numbers. This chance to possibly become a millionaire overnight has local residents dreaming of what they could buy with those millions.

According to Johnnie Johnson he said, “I would probably buy me a new car, a Volkswagen.” Vilma Pacasi had other dreams if she just so happens to pick the winning numbers, “If I win it, I’m going to buy my house. It would also give me money for my family.”

This jackpot will not only bring lucky to winning ticket, it has also boosted sales for local gas stations. Laura Martin, the store manager at Rogers Market off Tallevast Road in Sarasota, stated, " Once the numbers hit over three hundred million, I saw an immediate jump in sales. At this point we are almost at triple the number of our average sales.”

Martin also explained that if you were to be the lucky winner that you can not take the ticket to your local gas station, you must contact the Florida Lottery Headquarters. Martin’s also encouraged players that if they do win to “ immediately contact a financial advisor, because that is a lot of 0′s to handle.”

If you would like more information about Florida Lottery, you can click here to go on to their website.

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