A need for substitute teachers at Sarasota schools

A need for substitute teachers at Sarasota schools
The state gave SCSD $7.8 million to increase teacher pay and starting salary. (Source: wwsb)

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) -As the vaccine rolls out teachers associations across the Suncoast hope essential workers are next and that substitute teachers are included.

They say there’s a need for substitute teachers and this weekend the school district in Sarasota County asking registered substitutes to get on board for this week to fill spots this week. In an email to ABC7 on Sunday, the school districts’ human resources department said the district added an incentive for substitutes based on how frequently they help out.

“We can’t get substitutes, because a lot of them are afraid of COVID,” said the President for the Sarasota Classified Teachers Association, Patricia Gardner. “When you have all of these people quarantined out of a school you don’t have anyone to teach these kids because you don’t have any substitutes.”

The Sarasota County School District putting out a call for substitutes on Sunday morning.

“We don’t have any substitutes and when you don’t have a substitute they have to pull people from all these classrooms and all these other jobs that they do that are all important and everyone is losing out,” said Gardner.

Something she says can be curbed if the vaccine is distributed to essential workers like teachers and substitutes.

The district tells ABC7 in an email Sunday they are always looking for substitutes. They say they have more than 700 subs in their pool but only about 350 are active in the county. The school district also says as of October they started allowing people with an AA degree or 60 college credit hours to work as instructional substitutes.

If you’d like to register to be a substitute at Sarasota County schools you can fill out an application here.

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