Mother-in-law of Bayside Community Church Worship Pastor speaks out about riots in Washington D.C.

Updated: Jan. 9, 2021 at 6:08 PM EST
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EAST BRADENTON, Fla. (WWSB) - The Mother-in-law of a Bayside Community Church Worship Pastor is telling ABC 7 her side of the story. Video shows that Janet Casserley and her daughter Krystle Sommers were among those who marched from The White House to the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday.

“My daughter and I went to D.C. to support our president and it was a peaceful demonstration and we walked down to the Capitol which we were told to do,” said Casserley. “And I wanted to get right up there and I even wanted to climb the scaffold to get up there myself.”

Casserley did take a controversial photo showing her by a noose, a symbol that to many signifies hatred. She says she just got caught up in the moment.

“We all stood up there having our pictures taken. I mean this is history making.”

According to Casserley, she took part in the protests because she isn’t happy with the direction the country was headed and she firmly supports Trump. Her daughter has come under scrutiny because of the position Krystle’s husband holds at the church.

“In actual facts from what I remember, he wasn’t even into us going on this trip,” said Casserley. “He had no connection with us going, us girls decided last minute we are going which girls do, it was a fun mother-daughter trip to make history, absolutely nothing to do with her husband or the church.”

Casserley describes the chaos that ensued.

“All of a sudden all hell broke loose, a man stood next to me trying to smash the windows, I tried to stop him, I got somebody else to try to stop him,” said Casserley. “And I literally climbed over the balcony on the outside, climbed down, grabbed my daughter and we got out of there.”

ABC7 did reach out to Krystle Sommers but we could not connect with her. Bayside Community Church says they are sticking with the statement they had issued on Friday.

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